Palisades Dental Discusses Reasons To Get A Dental Bridge

Palisades Dental, based in American Fork, Utah, is reaching out to discuss the many reasons why a patient should consider a dental bridge with their local community. The clinic also serves the areas of Lehi, Highland, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove, Vineyard and Orem in Utah. Learn more here:

The clinic would like to first highlight the fact that a dental bridge is a non-invasive way to replace a missing tooth. It is the ideal option for a person who does not want to go through dental implant surgery for any of a variety of reasons. Dental bridges are hardly a new option for treatment, however, as they have been around for nearly as long as standard dentures. The clinic would also like to point out some of the reasons why they are still popular today.

A dental bridge’s main purpose is to replace a missing tooth. A missing tooth not only causes discomfort when a person chews, it can also cause embarrassment when they talk, laugh or smile. A missing tooth can also affect the health of the person’s remaining teeth. When a tooth is pulled from the jaw by its root, it can cause the jawbone to start losing bone mass. This causes the remaining teeth to slowly start shifting towards the gap left by the missing tooth. This in turn leads to the eventual misalignment of the teeth, which can also affect the appearance of a person’s smile. This also causes the shape of one’s face to change, and not in a beneficial way. This is why replacing a missing tooth is important. Dental bridges are a good way of replacing the tooth of a person when implants are not an option. Learn more here:

Dental bridges come in two parts. The first part is the pontic, which is a prosthetic tooth. This is the part that will fit in the gap left by the missing tooth. The second part is the pair of dental crowns that are fitted onto the teeth on either side of the gap. The crowns are called abutments because they act as the support system for the pontic. They are then glued onto the artificial tooth with dental cement. There are three main types of dental bridges. Traditional bridges are used to fill a gap that is in the middle of two teeth, and the pontic is supported by two abutments on either side of the gap. Cantilever bridges are used to replace a missing tooth at the back of the mouth. With this particular type of dental bridge, the pontic is supported with only one abutment. Another type is the Maryland bridge, where the pontic is attached directly to the natural teeth by a framework made of metal or porcelain.

Palisades Dental would like to point out that there are many benefits to choosing dental bridges to repair teeth. They keep teeth in their proper alignment as the teeth are forced to remain in their correct place once the gap has been filled. It also makes it easier for a person to chew as they no longer find themselves chewing from the opposite side of the mouth or getting food stuck in the gap. A dental bridge will restore full function to one’s mouth. It is also a fact that it will improve a person’s appearance as they will no longer have a noticeable gap in their smile — and it also fills out the jawline. Dental bridges are non-invasive as well, so it is ideal for people who are not candidates for implants or who have a fear of undergoing surgery. It is a fast and painless procedure which does not need to make a single incision in a person’s mouth. The dental bridge will help a person maintain their oral health.

Palisades Dental provides a wide range of services and also takes emergency appointments. Dr. Youngquist and his staff take great care to ensure the safety and comfort of all their patients. To quote the clinic’s website, “We always aim to give you the best service possible while being sensitive to your schedule. We do our best to safely get you in to see Dr. Youngquist as soon as we can after you arrive. Whether you come in as a new patient with dental insurance questions, or an existing patient coming in for teeth whitening, or veneers, or simply have questions about wisdom teeth removal or other dental procedures, we are committed to taking good care of every patient who visits our American Fork, UT dental office.”

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