Paddleboards USA: The Best Places To Stand Up Paddleboard In Arizona

CA based Paddleboards USA is reaching out to help water-loving communities in Arizona who are looking for new places to explore with their stand up paddleboard. While the company is primarily attempting to give local residents more insight about the best paddleboarding spots in their state, those visiting Arizona are also welcome to make use of this information.

Many who visit Arizona, for instance, will want to visit one of its major cities. Phoenix alone is known for having numerous desert lakes and rivers that provide great venues for someone with a stand up paddleboard to take advantage of. The state also has excellent urban lakes that feature a similar appeal, such as Tempe Town Lake (those interested should note that this is a non-swimming lake and requires a Permit for any boats or paddleboards). Phoenix, which is commonly known as the ‘Valley of the Sun’ gives people an all but permanent opportunity to paddle throughout the year, especially given how mild its winters are.

On the other hand, the Arizona mountains just north of the city offer another environment to explore that some may prefer more, with scenic vistas of lakes dotted with pine trees and fishing spots. Those who want to flex their adventurous muscles may even combine their paddling with camping and kayaking for a better taste of what the area has to give.

If desert lakes are what explorers have in mind, then the company encourages them to consider Saguaro Lake for their next outing. Located in the Tonto National Forest just a short drive to the east of the valley, this lake is beloved for giving adventurers a chance to practice their boating, kayaking, paddleboarding and fishing throughout the year. The lake is fairly vast, yet is not without access to modern amenities. Those who visit will find a restaurant with restrooms as well as picnic tables and boat ramps at the marina. A few miles from the marina, Butcher Jones Recreation Area Beach gives visitors a similar experience with its picnic and restroom facilities. It is also an excellent spot to paddleboard, go kayaking or even swim. Those with an appreciation for wildlife will also enjoy the fact that local horses tend to visit the beach on occasion.

In the event an individual wants to go stand up paddleboarding somewhere that is an absolute visual treat, the company states that they may want to give Canyon Lake a shot. This is because this lake is widely known for the mesmerizing red rock that covers its canyon walls and gives a unique ambiance to its hidden coves. This incredible view is located in the Tonto National Forest (on the Apache Trail), approximately 40 miles east of Phoenix. It is ideal for paddleboarders and kayakers alike, especially if they want to try their hand at a little fishing at the same time.

On the other hand, some will prefer to explore a river instead of a lake. In this case, the company recommends the Lower Salt River (also near Saguaro Lake). According to Paddleboards USA, paddling season tends to begin around Memorial Day, and the early morning or evening is often the best time for paddlers to hit the water as this is when local wildlife comes to the shore. This river does feature some rapids but is generally safe overall. However, those interested in trying its waters should seek advice from local professionals before testing themselves, especially if they are novices.

Stand up paddleboarding, also known as SUP, is an intriguing activity that gives people a chance to explore watery areas at their leisure. It is often an incredibly relaxing experience, especially when combined with beautiful scenery and local wildlife. Paddleboards USA provides multiple paddleboards for rent that interested parties may obtain for just such an experience. Customers are welcome to contact Jack Smith of Paddleboards USA to find out how they can rent their own stand up paddleboard today. They may also reach out to the company for additional tips on places to explore.


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