Pacific Manor Recovery Announces New Executive Director

Riverside, CA - Pacific Manor Recovery is thrilled to announce that Celanire Shangraw has accepted the position of Executive Director and is currently transitioning into this role with flying colors. Celenire, a graduate of California State University at Fullerton, formerly served as the addiction treatment center's Clinical Director. Her work in this area was outstanding, making her a clear choice for the open Executive Director position. Pacific Manor says they are very excited that Celenire has accepted this promotion and are looking forward to the leadership she will provide to the organization going forward.

Pacific Manor Recovery, a Resurgence Behavioral Health addiction treatment center, provides multiple treatment modalities designed to help individuals manage their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Resurgence CEO reported, “We are absolutely thrilled that Celenire (Cel) Shangraw will be taking over as Executive Director at PMR, our Riverside, California, facility.” The CEO reported that “Cel was brought in as a therapist and has excelled in promoting clinical outcomes and in her leadership as she has continually grown in her role at Resurgence. We are so happy for Cel, and excited for this next chapter at PMR. Please join us in welcoming her into this new role.”

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Celanire is an Associated Clinical Social Worker and has a Master’s degree in Social Work. She is particularly experienced in the treatment of dual diagnosis, which involves the presence of two conditions--substance addiction and a mental health condition such as anxiety, depression, or post traumatic stress disorder. Celanire’s training involved trauma treatment such as trauma-centric cognitive behavioral therapy and Seeking Safety groups. Cel is in recovery herself and has maintained her sobriety since 2008. She draws from her own experiences when helping clients develop personalized strategies for managing their own addictions.

Celanire has previously worked for dual diagnosis treatment facilities such as Kaiser Permanente and area juvenile hall centers as a therapist. A trained SMART Recovery facilitator, Celanire brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to her roles at Pacific Manor Recovery. When meeting with clients in individual, group, and family therapy sessions, she demonstrates the compassion and empathy needed to help people navigate the recovery process, making the lifestyle changes needed to achieve lasting sobriety.

Pacific Manor Recovery, like other Resurgence Behavioral Health centers, provides a comprehensive range of treatments for drug and alcohol addiction including medical detox, mental health counseling, dual diagnosis treatment, and more. The center meets clients wherever they happen to be on their recovery path, providing them with treatments that are tailored to their needs and individual circumstances. Like Celanire, the team at Pacific Manor is committed to providing individualized care in its welcoming center. Visit the website to learn more about Pacific Manor’s addiction treatment and recovery solutions.


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