Orlando Woman Thanks WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Helping Her Through Her Recovery Journey

Orlando, FL - When Amber sought treatment at WhiteSands in Orlando, she was struggling. She knew she couldn’t continue on the destructive path of addiction any longer. Fortunately, Amber found the support she needed to transform her life at WhiteSands. She recently thanked the treatment center in a heartfelt 5-star review on Google.

I had a great experience here. The staff was very welcoming. I felt very comfortable and at ease walking into this establishment,” she said.

WhiteSands Alcohol  & Drug Rehab Orlando Testimonial

WhiteSands goes to great lengths to provide a non-institutionalized approach to treatment and to ensure patients’ comfort from the moment they reach out for help. “Generic methods to recovery simply do not work as they do not engage and motivate patients, nor do they consider underlying disorders,” said WhiteSands founder and CEO, Garry Jonas.

The first step of treatment at WhiteSands is an in-depth consultation that examines many areas of a person’s life and helps the staff to understand the client’s specific treatment needs. WhiteSands offers all levels of addiction care from medical detox to inpatient, outpatient, aftercare, and sober living. Understanding each client’s experience helps to determine the appropriate level of care that will give them the best possible chance of long-term success in recovery. Some patients will benefit from starting in detox then progressing through the entire continuum of care while others may start with a more flexible outpatient program.

In addition to determining the correct level of care, medical and clinical staff at WhiteSands consider any comorbidities an individual may be struggling with, such as an undiagnosed/untreated mental health disorder. WhiteSands is a dual diagnosis treatment center, meaning they provide specialized care for people diagnosed with substance use disorder and one or more mental health conditions. Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and others, are often the driving forces behind substance abuse and addiction. Treating mental illness and substance use disorder in tandem helps to heal the root causes of addiction, reducing the chances of relapse in the future.

A unique philosophy held by Whitesands is that a comfortable guest makes a successful patient. CEO Garry Jonas says he recognized early on that limiting the usual comforts of home significantly increased feelings of agitation and anxiety in patients. For that reason, WhiteSands offers premier accommodations. In a hotel-like atmosphere, guests have a private room with their own bathroom and their own TV in their room. Mobile phones and other devices are available for guests to use outside of treatment times so they can stay in touch with loved ones and manage their lives outside of rehab. Additionally, a large sports complex on campus includes a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts, and personal training by professional fitness trainers.

“I truly believe that treating a patient like a guest after clinical hours teaches them that they deserve to experience healthy pleasures in life and learn to have fun while sober,“ said Jonas.

WhiteSands’ approach to treatment is garnering high praise, not only from former clients like Amber. Newsweek magazine ranked WhiteSands the number one addiction treatment center in Florida in both 2020 and 2021. Their annual list of top rehabs across the US is informed by a survey of medical professionals asked to reflect on each facility’s quality of service, reputation, and accreditation. This professional recognition combined with the hundreds of positive patient reviews online are proof that WhiteSands is living up to its goal of raising the standards in the field of addiction treatment.

“I just want to thank the whole team for helping me through my journey,” said Amber. “HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!”

Anyone in need of treatment for substance use disorder can speak with a treatment specialist at any time by calling (877) 640-7820. To learn more or to live chat with a team member, visit www.whitesandstreatment.com.


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