Organic Cotton Panties Canada - New Hipsters Briefs And Women's Underwear Collection Launch

Montreal, Quebec -

Canadian lifestyle brand Frank And Oak is announcing the availability of their women’s underwear collection, a collection of thoughtfully designed undergarments made from environmentally friendly materials. The collection includes a selection of bralettes and bras, as well as various cuts of panties and briefs, to suit a variety of tastes. Most of the underwear in Frank And Oak’s women’s underwear collection is made with organic cotton that has been grown and harvested responsibly with sustainable methods. To browse the new underwear collection visit:

A few options are made from TENCEL™ Modal, a fiber made from sustainably grown beech trees with a closed-loop production cycle. The bras and bralettes from Frank And Oak have no wires and no padding. Instead, they have adjustable straps to help them fit a variety of bodies, and a natural look and comfortable, supportive feel. All of the undergarments in the Frank And Oak women’s underwear collection have a barely there design, that the wearer can barely feel, and that won’t show lines under clothes. The smooth elastic bands enhance the comfort and sleek design of these items. There are a number of color options available across the collection, from the neutral white, black, greys and beiges, to a bold dark red, honey yellow, and soft Atlantic green, though it is important to note that not every design is available in every color.

Organic Cotton Panties Canada

This underwear collection is just a small sample of the many quality clothing items available from Frank and Oak. Their options cover the entire wardrobe, from underwear and outerwear to blouses, dresses, pants, hats and boots. As a company with a long focus on sustainability and design, every product is designed to be good for the planet and good for the wearer.

In the 10 years since they were founded, Frank and Oak have been researching materials sciences and sustainable processes, constantly seeking to improve every facet of their product and company so they can have an even greater impact on the world around them. Ten years of materials science research means they have developed a number of innovative clothing technologies that are useful for the wearer as well as more sustainable. For example, they have fabrics that are thermal lined for added warmth, water-resistant or waterproof to help wearers stay dry, as well as other designs that make products easier to care for, easier to move in, or ideal for wearing to travel. This is in addition to the technologies they’ve designed to allow clothing production to be more sustainable and use less resources than conventional clothing production often does.

As previously announced, Frank And Oak’s commitment to environmental sustainability and positive impact shows in every detail of their business. Since 2019, they’ve been certified as a B Corporation, which is one of the highest verification standards for companies looking to balance profits with benefits for the environment and the society they’re building their business in. They currently produce 78% of their products with sustainable processes and materials, and are always looking for ways to minimize the externalized costs raised by their products. They also pay careful attention to the packaging they use to ship their products, using minimal plastic and discouraging single-use shopping bags.

Frank And Oak build their stores and offices with local Canadian artisans who help them make spaces that use recycled materials and create as little waste as possible. They source locally produced and upcycled furniture before considering other options and try to make as few changes and recycle as much material as possible when updating or renovating an existing space for a store. These are just a few of the many details Frank And Oak keeps in mind to create eco-friendly products with a positive impact. Anyone who is interested in learning more about Frank And Oak’s commitment to sustainability, or just browsing their selection of quality fashion items, can reach out to the company or visit their website to learn more:


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