Organic Cotton Boxers Canada - Men's Briefs Trunks Underwear Collection Launched

Montreal, Quebec -

Frank And Oak, a Montreal, QC-based clothing retailer, is pleased to announce the launch of its men’s underwear line. Frank And Oak specialize in high-quality clothing and the brand’s new men’s underwear line is the latest step in its journey toward becoming one of the top producers of clothing in the region. Frank And Oak are committed to maintaining sustainable practices without compromising on quality, and this can be seen in the level of care that goes into each item of clothing it produces.

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Organic Cotton Boxers Canada

“We believe in considering the impact of the choices we make every day, and we view those choices as an opportunity to better ourselves,” the clothing company says. “Our purpose is to inspire a better way of living by creating conscious products that last through time. By marrying innovation with eco-friendly processes, we strive to help shape a cleaner, healthier, and more mindful world where human progress is in harmony with the planet's well-being.”

Frank And Oak was founded in 2012 in Montreal with a mission to create an apparel brand that would appeal to a new generation of creative individuals and entrepreneurs. From its relatively humble beginnings in the Mile End of Montreal, Frank And Oak rapidly grew into one of the top lifestyle brands in Canada and quickly rose to the very top of the list of Canada’s premium digital retailers. Frank And Oak is a certified B Corp and is considered a leader in sustainable fashion. It makes use of highly innovative natural fabrics to create thoughtfully designed clothing. At Frank And Oak, the goal is to help customers live and enjoy their lives while feeling comfortable in everything they choose to wear.

The company’s values can be summarized in four simple phrases: act with purpose, create communities, inspire innovation, and be authentic. The brand’s purpose is to design durable products that combine timeless style with functionality, and thus lay the foundations for better living. Through its unique style, Frank And Oak has succeeded in building a diverse community of passionate individuals. As an innovative, forward-thinking brand, Frank And Oak works to deliver cutting edge products to fit the ever changing needs and preferences of its customers. Finally, authenticity is a major part of every aspect of the Frank And Oak brand.

As previously announced, every design decision made by Frank And Oak’s designers is fueled by the essence of Canadian living. Similarly, every product they create is designed to be as beneficial to the environment as it is to the wearer. The company’s designers work tirelessly to produce timeless pieces that meet the modern Canadian’s every need while being innovative enough to meet the needs of tomorrow. They implement a number of technologies into each piece, making the experience of owning and wearing a Frank And Oak item utterly unique.

“By adopting circularity and innovation as our design philosophy, we strive to help shape a better, more mindful world where human progress is in harmony with the planet’s well-being. In 2019, we unveiled a series of ambitious goals to be achieved by 2022. In line with this, 78% of our products either contain certified low-impact, cruelty-free, organic, biodegradable, or recycled fibres. All our jeans are designed to be easily recycled and are made using conscious materials and mindful production methods. In addition, 55% of our denim assortment is composed of recycled materials originating from salvaged fibres. Our use of virgin polyester has decreased by 22% since 2019, with recycled polyester increasing by 43%. The wool we use in our clothes is either recycled or sourced from ethical farms that practise a holistic approach to managing their land and herds,” says a Frank And Oak spokesperson.

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