Orange County Property Management Company Welcomes Catherine Yutuc

Genuine Property Management, a company that has been serving the Orange County area of California for many years, is excited to welcome aboard Catherine Yutuc as their new Property Management. She will add to the company’s hard-working team of diverse personalities and be a big addition to Genuine Property Management as they continue to experience unprecedented growth.

Marcel Ford, the owner of Genuine Property Management, says, “It’s no secret that any company is only as good as the employees that run it. We here at Genuine Property Management are certainly no exception. To satisfy our property owners and renters, it takes dedicated employees that have strong organization, planning, and execution skills to get the job done. That’s why when we are presented with an opportunity to bring someone on board with a solid record of exhibiting these traits, we certainly want that person to be part of our hard-working property management team. We feel we have gotten that and more with the hiring of our latest employee Catherine Yutuc.”

Ford went on to say that it’s hard not to be impressed when he looks at Yutuc’s resume. He says that everything points to her being a results-driven and performance-focused professional who offers expertise in several areas of property management or closely related fields. With a past company she has over five years of property management experience. With over a thousand units under her management and twenty people under her supervision, she brings to Genuine the experience, skill and leadership desired. Her varied employment background should also translate to her being someone adept at developing and maintaining positive resident relations while also being able to effectively work with top-performing teams and customers. Her educational achievements are a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology degree from UC Irvine, a Bachelor of Science with a specialty of Biology from Angeles University, an Associate of Arts in Psychology degree from Cerritos College, and a hard to get Master's in Technical Acumen with a focus on Organizational Leadership and Strategic Management from Brandman University.

Ford stated, “Given all that she brings to the table, we feel Catherine will be someone that our property owners and renters will quickly become fond of and learn to respect. We could not be more pleased to welcome her to our Genuine Property Management family.”

The company owner says that having unique individuals working for him perfectly complements his property management company that is very unique in its own way too. Landlords don’t have to sign long term contracts with them, the company can be contacted 24-hours a day for repairs, their services come with a money-back guarantee, and the company offers a simple and easy to understand fee structure. He added that landlords and renters who want to learn more about the company’s services and its employees are welcome to view the company Facebook page or take a look at Genuine Property Management’s website and contact them for more information.


For more information about Genuine Property Management , contact the company here:

Genuine Property Management
(949) 209-9494
1922 Placentia Avenue, Unit 1, Costa Mesa, CA 92627