Options Medical Weight Loss Launches New Website For Chandler, AZ

Chandler, AZ-based Options Medical Weight Loss is pleased to announce that their new website is now live. All interested parties are welcome to visit the website at their earlier convenience.

Options Medical Weight Loss offers premier medical weight loss services to their clients. They assert that the true way to achieve weight loss goals and keep weight off is making the proper changes to lifestyle and nutrition. They understand that the weight loss journey can be a difficult process as well, so they do their best to help their clients as much as they can. They offer appetite suppressants that are approved by the FDA, for instance, such as Phentermine (along with other prescriptions that help people lose weight). They also provide Lipotropic fat burners, B12 injection, HCG injections, the Options Diet System, Options snacks and meals and weekly individual weight loss counseling.

Options medical weight loss

Options Medical Weight Loss explains that the weight loss journey differs from person to person. Due to this, they give their clients a personalized weight loss program from more than 19 individually customized weight loss programs. Their programs range from the extremely successful HCG diet to a modified version of the ketogenic diet. The program that they provide is aimed to target the client’s needs, goals, habits and lifestyle. Options Medical Weight Loss says that they truly have ‘options for every body.’ In fact, they assure their clients that each and every one of their weight loss programs is completely supervised by medical professionals to ensure that their clients’ weight loss is not only effective but also safe.

Clients will meet with a member of Options Medical Weight Loss to discuss their options and select a weight loss program that is best suited for their situation. This gives them a chance to voice their concerns and opinions before being provided a weight loss program. After a thorough assessment, a personalized weight loss program will then be created to ensure the best possible results.

Clients have said great things about the services and weight loss programs at Options Medical Weight Loss. Ninette Buckner says in a 5-Star Google review, “They helped me get the stubborn 2nd baby-fat off. I was able to take off 27 lbs in 14 weeks by eating a modified-keto and low glycemic index diet. They made the process super simple and very easy to follow. I've learned a lot of things that will make for a healthier and happier lifestyle long-term. I’d recommend them 1,000 times!”

The review adds, “To give a little more context, they have a machine called an InBody that measures your body right leg, left leg, trunk, arms, ect. and really pinpoints where all the fat is sitting. It tells you weekly how much visceral fat you have, muscular mass, your BMI, water weight, ect. The counselor I had was Jessica, and she used these results weekly to help me determine the best way to lower my body fat percentage and keep/build muscle mass. Jessica is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable, and was such a help to my journey. The entire staff was so friendly and supportive. It was always a treat to go in and see my progress and receive so many genuine compliments and support. Very wonderful office and people.”

Meanwhile, Eddy Hauf says in another 5-Star Google review, “I had excellent results from the Phase I food plan. I moved into the next phase after I lost 19 pounds. The Inbody test I take weekly shows me results immediately, and the counselors are right there to guide me to the results I'm personally looking for. Also, I love the food. It doesn't taste like diet food, which is very rewarding. It's a great on the go snack! The ladies in the office are very professional, they care about my results and there's so many different options to get the results you're looking for. I've told many people if they want direct but very supportive help with their goals to go there.”

Options Medical Weight Loss asserts that the best way for people to lose weight and achieve weight loss goals is to stick with a program that best suits them. People who want to start their weight loss journey may learn more about Options Medical Weight Loss and their programs by heading over to their website. Alternatively, clients may connect with them via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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