Online Expert Water Filtration Company Launches a New and Improved Website

Water Filter Advisor, a quality online resource for information on water filtration, has just launched a new and improved website. This was done to help make getting information on why water filtration is important and purchasing their products much simpler. They are a company that was founded in 2007 with the goal of helping people eliminate harmful contaminants in their drinking water and, in turn, keep their family members healthier. Their advanced water filtration products even fulfill the requirements for many medical, pharmacological, chemical, and industrial applications.

“Buying the right water filtration system matters if you want to prevent chemical contaminants, bacteria, and other pathogens from getting into your drinking water,” says the company spokesperson, Jonathan Harris. “Our new and improved website contains a wealth of expert water filtration information that can help steer you toward the right water filtration products. That way you can better address any home drinking water issues that you are facing.”

The company spokesperson said that they have always been customer service focused and improving upon their old website shows their continued commitment to this philosophy. One of the biggest changes in the newly launched website is how user friendly it has become. He stated that it features such improvements as having easier to use drop-down menus, more ways to contact them for assistance, and now lists many special offers too. Harris added that the text on each webpage is more concise so it's simpler to read and they have also laid out the text and photos in an improved fashion to make the new website more pleasing to the eye. It now also includes embedded links to such information as their Water Filter Advisor profile and the signup page for their company newsletter.

Harris went on to say that the new website also goes into more depth on such aspects of water filtration as what harmful chemicals are commonly found in drinking water. It talks about the most common of which is chlorine which has been added to help purify drinking water in many communities in America since as far back as 1930. The improved website talks about how it has the potential to react with other materials present in drinking water to form compounds that can adversely impact someone’s health. He added that it also mentions how lesser-known water contaminates such as Hydrogen Sulfide can turn gaseous when they come into contact with the warmer water found in such places as water heaters and then create the perfect habitat for undesirable anaerobic bacteria. Other harmful contaminants found in drinking water that are gone over in more detail on the new website include lead, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and perchlorates. The company spokesperson mentioned that the newly revamped website discusses hundreds of harmful compounds commonly found in drinking water along with pointing out their acceptable levels.

One of the sections of the new website that Harris says they are very pleased with is the one that describes the different types of water filters they have and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Examples are the detail that this webpage goes into on such different types of water filtration systems as those that are faucet mounted, installed in refrigerators, under sink mounted, countertop placed, and large whole house water filtration systems. He stated that this webpage even contains information on portable water filters, RV water filters, and those that are specifically designed for non-drinking applications such as shower mounted water filters. This improved website section also mentions the many different methods water filters use to create barriers that trap or eliminate the impurities in drinking water. Among the many different types of water filtration methods that are discussed include mechanical, absorption, sequestration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and water filters that use a combination of these methods.

The newly launched website also includes many testimonials from customers that have purchased their advanced water filtration products. An example is this one from Steven Rashford that says, “We love our filtration system! We’ve had it in for about a year. There is zero work involved and we have had zero problems with it as well. The install seemed super easy too. We could tell a difference right away in just the taste and smell of our water – no more highly chlorinated water! Our fish in the tank love it too. Thanks for such a quality product!”

Harris added, “We are very happy with the way that our new website turned out and even more pleased with the positive feedback we have received from our customers that have used it.” He mentioned that big improvements are also forthcoming to their Water Filter Advisor LinkedIn Company Page and their Facebook Page.


For more information about Water Filter Advisor, contact the company here:

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