One of the Most Popular Hip Hop Recording Studios In Phoenix Announces a Move to a New Location

Phoenix Recording LLC, one of the best hip hop recording studios in Phoenix, has long been a popular music production option that serves those in Arizona and elsewhere throughout the USA. The studio's music producer, CT Aletniq, is pleased to announce that to serve their present and future clientele better, they have recently moved to a new location. That location is in the very desirable Arcadia area of Phoenix.

Aletniq says, “I couldn’t possibly be more pleased with a move than I am with our move to our new Phoenix location. We at Phoenix Recording LLC have always prided ourselves on having state-of-the-art recording equipment with which to produce music and now we have a state-of-the-art recording studio that allows us to make better use of that equipment. This move has already been a huge blessing for me and my staff because of the more comfortable and professional conditions that we work under and those that have recorded music here with us have expressed great satisfaction with our new Arcadia location. As always, we will do whatever it takes to provide the best possible recording experience for those that come to work with us.”

The company’s music producer talked about how vibrant and upbeat Arcadia is and how that nicely matches their attitude towards helping people achieve their music goals. Arcadia can best be described as an up-and-coming, versatile shopping and unique dining district. It features such businesses as the upscale boutiques at Camelback Village Center, unique antique shops, and a variety of cocktail bars that dot the landscape of Gaslight Square. Trendy new lounges, grills, and brewpubs are also popping up regularly in the area. Other highlights of the area include the Arizona Canal Trail which is a favorite of walkers, runners, and cyclists. He went on to say that not only are they now located in a great area but their new studio offers them much more room than they previously had in their Tempe location. That has enabled them to make better use of the latest music production equipment that they own such as the latest version of Pro Tools, Autotune, and thousands of dollars in Waves plugins. Their new control room and vocal booth are now both bigger and more comfortable and offer a beautiful and serene view of the trees in their quieter area of Arcadia. Aletniq, who has been producing records for over 20 years and works with some of the best Hip Hop and Pop artists in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and around the country, says that this setting has already proven to be one that allows them to expand the types of music production that they offer and to be more creative while doing that than ever before.

Those who have experienced recording at the new studio with Aletniq and his crew often rave about the experience in reviews. Popular Phoenix area rapper Seth Machine proclaimed, “If you want that futuristic sound, this is the place to be. I've been recording here for over a year now and I have been able to accomplish a lot more than I thought I ever could in music. Not only will you find your sound here but you will grow as an Artist working here as well!” Nestor Toro stated, “It is an awesome experience. If you're a singer, rapper, or rock band member I recommend you go to this studio if you want your music to sound the best as possible. It is worth every penny.”

The music producer in Phoenix went on to say that there are now few music studios outside of New York or Los Angeles that can offer what they can production-wise. Aletniq added, “We invite you to invest in our premium sound quality at an affordable price. We specialize in Hip Hop and other types of music production that includes making big 3-dimensional mixes that bass hard and clean without drowning out your vocals.” Those that are interested in having Phoenix Recording LLC produce their music for them can contact the studio by phone or by filling out and sending in the form that’s found on its website.


For more information about Phoenix Recording LLC, contact the company here:

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