OLSP Solo Ads Training Live Session That Was Held on July 22

Dans Traffic reports that a solo ads training live session was held by Wayne Crowe on July 22nd, Thursday, that explained how to get solo ads to work for one’s business. This live training session was made available through the OLSP system, which is a new traffic system developed by Wayne Crowe that enables members of Traffic Dominators to earn recurring commissions without the need to make any sales. Traffic Dominators is an over the shoulder training course that allows people to get instant sales and traffic. It is a one-stop place for receiving leads and sales using multiple sources of highly converting traffic methods. Meanwhile, those who are interested in the solo ads training but were not able to attend can still watch a replay video by checking in to the OLSP website and submitting an email address.

Solo ads are email-based ads that can be bought from other email list owners. They are usually sent as dedicated emails so the whole message is about one’s promotion. While other businesses may also utilize solo ads, they are often used by affiliates and information marketers. Wayne Crowe wants people to know that solo ads really work but they have to be treated like any other traffic source.


While solo ads appear to be the perfect way for a person to grow an online business and make money using other people’s email lists, they have a murky reputation and many businesses refuse to use them. This is because solo ads can be risky investments. First of all, they are usually offered by a single person and one would be dealing with the list owner directly. Some solo ads lists may have been created with less-than-ideal techniques. For instance, the email addresses on the list may have been acquired using a scraping software, which explores various websites and gets whatever email addresses can be found there. Furthermore, solo ad lists may contain bots that act like regular email subscribers but will convert poorly.

Because of the risks that come with solo ads, the solo ads training developed by Wayne Crowe allows people to avoid such pitfalls. And he has a secret method that allows people to have such solo ads working over and over again. For other similar techniques, people can check out the OLSP Traffic Mastermind. OLSP is a profitable traffic system that can be used both by newbies and advanced marketers.

OLSP was established by Wayne Crowe and right from the start, those who join can earn just by participating in a boot camp training. Those who complete this training earn their first $20 and receive a certificate as a Traffic Dominator. And there is no need for a website, experience, or skills for an individual to begin. All that is required is the desire to succeed and a commitment to devote some time to learning and applying the system.

Those who have completed the OLSP boot camp training may continue on the free plan if they want do so and earn by applying the boot camp training. After the boot camp, the new OLSP members will receive their own mega link that they can share on their blog, social media, emails, messenger, and more. If someone signs up using that link, the owner of that link gets commissions whenever the person who signed up buys OLSP products or signs up to become a VIP or pro.

OLSP provides a regular flow of traffic training in the form of weekly webinars and yearly training events. These are training in solo ads, organic traffic, social media marketing, email marketing, and training in OLSP products and how to apply them. Furthermore, members will get to learn about a new software on the market that has been tested and proven. The amount of money that can be earned will depend on each person’s efforts in applying the system.

Those who are interested on how to have quality solo ads can visit the OLSP website or the Dans Traffic website, or contact them on the phone or through email of Facebook.


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