Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts Works with New Homeowner to Improve His Property’s Curb Appeal

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – When Ashley bought her house in Oklahoma City, she was so excited to move in and start her new life in the city. However, when she arrived at her new property, the landscape did not look impressive at all.

“There was a tree right there,” Ashley told one of our reporters while pointing at a now cleared spot. “It prevented me from looking outside my window and seeing what was happening on the street. Also, all these other trees you are seeing around were overgrown to a point where accessing sunlight in the morning was impossible. When I invited Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts to evaluate my landscape, they gave me ideas on how to improve it to the point I was fully willing to work with them.”

Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts

Ashley noted that the company started with handling tree removal for the tree that was blocking her view. “The tree had to go,” said the company’s professional who led the project. “We would have transplanted it but Ashley’s landscape did not have another place for the tree. Therefore, we removed it and ground the tree stump to keep it from turning into a tripping hazard.”

The next thing that the company did was trim Ashley’s tree. “Our tree trimming team Oklahoma City went to work on the trees shaping them,” said the chief of field operations. “We reduced overcrowding on the crowns, which helped the sunlight to reach Ashley’s balcony. We also gave the trees a nice shape, which made the entire property aesthetically appealing.”

We asked Ashley about her experience with Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts and she only had positive things to say about the company, “They are friendly and professional and they knew what they were doing at all times. As you can see, the tree they removed was standing close to powerlines. However, the company did not even touch the powerlines during tree removal. During tree trimming, I was worried that they would drop the branches on my roof – this was not the case. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals Oklahoma lowered the cut branches down slowly using ropes. I will hire this team again in the future.”

Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts is a company that prioritizes fast response to client requests. While offering same day service for normal tree care procedures, the company responds in less than an hour when requested to handle emergency tree service Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Tree Service Experts offices are located at 106 NW 12th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, United States. To talk to the company, call +1 405-766-5526 or send an email to sales@treeservicesoklahomacity.net.


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