Ohio Radon Eliminator Warns of High Radon Levels at Specific Times

Radon Eliminator in Ohio is a well-known name in the field of radon elimination. In its latest blog post, the Ohio-based radon eliminator warns of certain times of the year when indoor radon level tends to be higher.

The blog post explains that radon occurs naturally in the earth due to the decomposition of uranium. Constant exposure to radon can cause a range of health problems, warns Radon Eliminator.

radon is a danger throughout the entire year

Lung cancer is the most serious health risk of radon exposure. Radon elimination experts in Ohio have radon testing kits to detect a property's odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas exposure.

The blog post identifies that radon levels are higher in winters and lists reasons for the high concentration of toxic gas in the cold season. The stack effect is one of the first reasons for increased radon concentration in homes during the winter.

The second on the list is snow, which creates a barrier on the ground and traps radon underneath. When radon cannot escape through the soil outside the home, it's more likely to be pulled into the earth under the house and through the foundation, warns the Ohio radon elimination specialist.

Sealed homes during winters add to the concentration of radon in a home, adds Radon Eliminator, while listing other factors that influence the levels of this hazardous gas. The blog post identifies heavy storms and severe weather as other culprits in increasing gas concentration in a home. Driving winds and heavy rains stir up the soil and allow radon to escape into the house.

According to Radon Eliminator, radon is an equal risk throughout the four seasons, with 25% of homes having the highest gas levels during summers. The blog post mentions the increased use of air conditioning as a possible culprit as it reduces the ventilation of properties in the summer months.

A Radon Mitigation System in Ohio is one of the best ways to lower the risk of radon in a home, suggests Radon Eliminator, emphasizing the importance of testing a home for radon.

Radon Eliminator in Ohio is available for a free consultation on its website. Their experts can test a property for radon concentration and install radon mitigation systems to reduce the home dweller's risk of radon exposure all year long.

Radon Eliminator has been in the business for a decade and helping homeowners in Ohio breathe clean air and heave a sigh of relief that their family is safe from the toxic gas.


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