Office Space Rental Agency Austin Tenant Advisors Discusses The Return to Work For Companies in Austin Tx

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Austin Tenant Advisors, an office space rental agency, is announcing that they are available to help companies navigate finding the best office rental space for their needs for their return to the office after the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies in Austin, Texas seem to be returning to the workplace slower than other cities, with 15-20 percent return rates compared to the 40-50% return rates elsewhere. This disparity is mostly due to the outside influence of tech companies, which have proven slower to return to the office than some other industries which may value face to face time with employees more highly. That said, Austin has historically had a higher portion of remote workers than other cities, and that number is likely to increase in the future. Smaller companies seem to be going back to the office faster than larger companies, but there is no one size fits all solution. How to return employees to working in an office depends on the size and type of a company. Some companies are able to return to work quickly, while others require more of a phased or hybrid approach. Companies interested in employing the help of Austin Tenant Advisors in their search for a new office to accommodate their new needs can visit the rental agency’s website at

Right now, many companies are struggling with indecisiveness in their office rental decisions, because they don’t know when they want to go back to the office, or how they need to arrange their offices to accommodate health and safety needs while still fostering an effective workplace. Ultimately, it will take a long time for companies to figure out exactly what they need. There are many permutations of possible solutions, including allowing more employees to work from home more often, which might mean they need less office space, or providing a more generous desk layout that allows more distance between employees, which might require more office space than they used before the pandemic. Especially as the news continues to change from month to month, many companies have found themselves changing their office space plans over and over again while they try to figure out what’s best for their future office layout. Because tenants needs are constantly changing, many are waiting until the last possible minute to find a space to rent, so they can be sure to get the space that most aligns with their plans. In response to this urgency, some landlords providing Austin office space for rent are building out their spaces to be move-in ready for hurried companies who need to move quickly after taking a long time to decide.

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Employees, of course, have different priorities in the work from home debate than companies. Most employees would like to be able to work from home at least one or two days a week, and many employees who have had the opportunity to work from home during the pandemic have had time to think about the work environment that works best for them. Needs will vary depending on a number of factors, including a person’s job function, their personality, and their career goals. Some jobs require more concentration, more collaboration between employees, or access to certain resources that may not be available at home. For example, employees working in a laboratory environment may not be able to bring their cell cultures home to monitor, but there might be other tasks they can safely complete on their laptop from the comfort of their own home office. Employees also need to consider if they work better by themselves or if they are more productive and creative around others. Some people crave the social interaction of the office and find working from home too lonely, and that’s okay. Companies should find out what their employees want and need with regard to their workspaces, and factor those things into their decisions when planning for their future office layout. A rental agency like Austin Tenant Advisors can help these companies every step of the complex office rental process.


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