Office Space Available In Des Moines

Urbandale, IA based Ash Creek Office Suites is pleased to announce that they now have a series of new office spaces available in Des Moines. Boasting every amenity a business could need to support their staff, these office spaces are designed to be a convenient and accessible environment for those who require a professional environment in which to conduct their work.

According to the team at Ash Creek Office Suites, “Thanks to our years of service in the field, we are well aware of the fact that the vast majority of businesses in the region simply want to concentrate on building their customer base and production capabilities instead of getting caught up in the logistics of office management and so on. This fueled our growth into a provider of office spaces that also hosts a comprehensive suite of services designed specifically to support our clients and their work in the most unobtrusive manner possible.”

Knowing what their clients need in an office environment, Ash Creek Office Suites offers each and every perk and convenience that a business may come to expect from large, corporate environments. While the more conventional path to making use of such an environment would require the business in question to commit large resources to the construction of an exclusive office space, Ash Creek Office Suites’ solution ensures that neither time nor resources need to be unnecessarily (or prematurely) allocated for such a venture. Instead, their clients may simply approach the company with a list of requirements and quickly move in to discover that their new office space already has everything they need. In fact, a crucial part of Ash Creek Office Suites’ service is that they give clients the ability to quickly move in and out with little disruption to their work.

Part of the secret of Ash Creek Office Suites’ success is the fact that they are locally owned, operated and managed. Should a client learn that they have new requirements (or even stumble across an unforeseen issue), the company is able to respond as they would for any challenge in their own corporate structure—with speed and grace. “When we come to a decision,” the company states, “you will find that we execute our new plans at an extremely rapid pace. This is also true for any help you may require from us. Our staff are trained to do everything in their power to support your work and give you what you need to succeed as a business.”

The company continues, “Should you need an office space in Des Moines, we encourage you to reach out to us and bring a full list of the demands placed on your staff as well as the tools they need to accomplish their projects. Whether you need full scale conference rooms, high speed fiber optic internet, climate-controlled environments or even great neighbors, we are the answer you have been looking for. We know what it takes for a company to prosper because these are the same requirements we have for our own teams. For instance, you can rest assured that you will benefit from a premier and convenient location that always has on-site management within easy reach.”

Furthermore, the company’s office spaces are a great alternative for businesses that have yet to decide what exactly they want in an office environment. This includes start-ups, businesses whose staff have exceeded their current capacity and so on. The crucial takeaway is that Ash Creek Office Suites is ready to cater to each and every client on an individual basis. This is also one of the reasons they offer month-to-month flexible leases.

The company adds, “Our 75 office suites are located in the beautiful Des Moines area with easy access to major highways and thoroughfares, shopping and dining. We've been servicing small to medium-sized businesses in Des Moines and the surrounding communities for nearly 30 years.”

More information can be found on the Ash Creek Office Suites website. Clients are also welcome to get in touch with the company’s customer services representatives in order to follow up on any further inquiries. A contact form is available on the website as well.


For more information about Ash Creek Office Suites, contact the company here:

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