Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney Strata Cleaners Providing Specialist Services to Strata Properties in Sydney

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney is a leading commercial cleaning agency that specialises in Strata Cleaning & Maintenance Services.

In an effort to continue helping local businesses and body corporates with their routine cleaning needs, Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney has announced that it now provides specialist strata cleaning services to local property owners. The service will cover bespoke cleaning solutions based on the specific needs of strata properties and body corporates in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning

As a leading strata cleaning company in Sydney, Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney has an experience of more than 20 years and a trained team of strata cleaners ready to help local businesses turn their place into a clean and safe place to work or live at. They provide strata cleaning services to all strata property owners, including offices, property managers, real estate agents & owners, corporations and body corporate owners who need professional help with the cleaning and management of their strata properties in and around Sydney.

The team at Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney has more than 70 years of combined experience in the cleaning and maintenance of strata properties, gardens and similar buildings across Australia. Their clientele include some of the most reputed names in the country. Many top organizations and businesses trust them for high-quality cleaning of their office and commercial buildings in Sydney. Online reviews for their strata cleaning and maintenance services say many positive things, which show the high regard local businesses have for the company.

“Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney has been providing commercial cleaning services for over 20 years now. We are one of the most experienced body corporate cleaning agencies yet our prices are cost-effective. All our cleaners are highly trained and have at least 2-3 years of experience in commercial cleaning. They are very polite and friendly and licensed to provide these services. We regularly inspect the clients’ properties to analyse the work progress and results. Moreover, we ensure the best and safest cleaning practices for the desired results. If you have any specific cleaning requirements or purpose, we will be more than happy to give you a customised cleaning quote after analysing your property and cleaning needs,” says the company owner and CEO.

Efficient strata cleaning is even more important in the present times as the world is combating with the coronavirus and residents and workers are worried about their safety. Both office buildings and residential buildings need to be cleaned and properly disinfected on a regular basis to get rid of the virus and keep the people safe. Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney has the experience and resources to provide complete coronavirus cleaning for strata properties. Not just that, regular and deep cleaning of a property is important to make it look clean and attractive in order to maintain the property value and tenants’ interest in it. No one would rent or buy a property that looks dirty or unappealing. Hiring a professional strata cleaning company is usually the best option.

The Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney provides a complete range of strata cleaning and maintenance services. They will not just clean the common property areas but also provide maintenance for outdoor areas, staircase, lifts, entrances, halls, gardens, etc. All the common areas are cleaned regularly and kept free from debris and dust. Also, they take care of garbage and bins coming out of the property, offices and apartments. Most cleaning companies do not provide the bin/garbage cleaning service, which may cause a lot of dispute between tenants and the owner of a property. There is no such issue with Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney. It will take care of a property like its own, regularly cleaning bins and taking care of gardens to maintain its beauty.

All the cleaning work is performed by experienced cleaners & contractors, who can keep the property look clean and well-maintained and also perform basic repairs as needed around the property. Their cleaners are police-checked and background-verified to provide safe and sound cleaning services. Also, they are regularly trained in the latest cleaning techniques and provided with world-class equipment to ensure the best cleaning results for every project.

Real estate owners and property agents looking for a reliable strata cleaning company in Sydney can approach Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney or visit their website to request a free quote.


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