Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney Launched a Website Completely Focused on Commercial Cleaning

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney, a commercial cleaning company out of the Sydney suburbs and growing franchise locations across the country, have launched a website to educate the public about best cleaning practices in the COVID-19 epidemic and beyond.

The newly launched website focuses on telling users how harmful commercial spaces could be. The website also has all the information about the cleaning procedure and how to hire the right commercial cleaning service.

 Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney is a well-known commercial cleaning company with extensive experience of 10+ years. By launching a website completely focused on commercial cleaning the company wants to show businesses located in the area that they have all the necessary resources, personnel, instrument, gadgets and expertise to keep a commercial property clean and healthy.

Recently the company also decreased prices of all of the commercial services and stretched its services portfolio and cleaning activities.

The founder of the company in his statement said that businesses are strictly following all the government guidelines but still they need helping hands to keep their commercial premises clean and hygienic for their employees, customers, investors and even guests. A clean environment attracts customers, helps companies to keep employees motivated, avoid unnecessary load and maintain a good working environment.

He further said that as someone who is immersed in commercial cleaning, I felt as if I wanted to offer cleanliness to health as a public resource to keep the offices of others clean and safe then it will be of great help.

As per the details provided on the website, their Commercial Cleaning services include scrubbing and mopping of floors and surfaces; furniture cleaning and re-arrangement and cleaning of display shelves; cleaning of bathrooms & toilets and restocking of supplies, tissues, hand towels, toilet paper and soap; carpet vacuuming and cleaning using high-quality and eco-friendly products that are safe and effective; cleaning of lifts; cleaning of air ventilator; cleaning of walls, windows, ceilings, floors, etc.; proper removal of garbage in a healthy manner; etc. All these a combination of deep cleaning and regular cleaning.

Other tasks include: cleaning, maintenance, sanitization and repairing of lifts; deep cleaning, scrubbing and mopping of floors and surfaces all around the place; living room furniture cleaning and re-arrangement and cleaning of display shelves; carpet vacuuming and cleaning using

The Commercial Cleaning services include removal of garbage, replacement of liners; cleaning of cobwebs in and around the common halls, areas, roofs, etc.; cleaning and a dusting of drawers, cupboards, shoe racks, and more; cleaning of common kitchens, including wiping of spills and splashes; cleaning, wiping and disinfecting furniture in the common areas of the building; cleaning of windows, rails, doors, etc., including high rise window cleaning; and more.

Additionally, when the world is still in the fear of a pandemic, we have also combined wiping and disinfection of some very sensitive spots such as light switches, boards, door handles, tables, electronics equipment, telephones, machines, pens, water bottles etc. in common areas and halls. It also includes sanitizing all hard floors and surfaces, including staircases, roof, etc.; and cleaning & sweeping of car park areas of the building; and cleaning and polishing of mailboxes for cobwebs, dust, etc.

The company has been providing regular and deep cleaning services for the last 10 years; they have franchise locations across the country and hundreds of clients. As their cleaners informed all the cleaners are certified and trained commercial cleaners who follow modern-day cleaning methods that provide excellent results.

The Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning company offers cleaning services that are both reliable and robust. The Company will conduct the same-day inspection and the fastest cleaning. The company will provide one time, regular or scheduled professional commercial cleaning at very affordable rates. The website also claims that their cleaners only use safe but effective cleaning compounds. They also use hot water as the most effective cleaning solution and mopping and polishing machine to provide a satisfactory level of cleaning at commercial places. All their cleaning processes provide a long-term clean environment at these properties.

Businesses looking for reliable commercial cleaners can get all the information from the website and also contact Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney through the call, email and simple contact form. So don’t waste time wandering here and there contact Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney now!


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