Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney Introduces New Medical Cleaning Program for Hospitals & Care Centers in Australia

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney, a leading provider of professional commercial cleaning services in Sydney (, recently announced its new medical cleaning program intended to help local hospitals and healthcare centers ensure safe and specialized cleaning of their premises. The program covers basic cleaning along with complete disinfection and sanitising of a place with the aim to remove bacteria, germs and all other pathogens.

With the COVID-19 around, hospitals and medical centers in Sydney are getting more careful about who they hire as their cleaner. Clearly, not every regular cleaner can provide the level of safe & deep cleaning as needed in a medical facility. This kind of cleaning must only be performed by trained professionals who can deal with the pathogens and prevent the cross-contamination while ensuring the health safety of workers, patients and other people in the facility. Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney’s medical cleaning program offers just that.

Medical Cleaning

Certified: Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney offers a comprehensive, specialized medical cleaning program that is far superior to regular cleaning and is designed to offer advanced services including coronavirus cleaning. Backed by the company’s huge cleaning industry experience and a strong team of trained medical cleaners, this program addresses all kinds of cleaning needs of medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, laboratories, healthcare centers, dental clinics, and physiotherapy centers. The program is based on the safe cleaning practices suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and involves the use of state-of-the-art COVID cleaning technology approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The cleaning products and equipment used by their cleaners are certified-safe and eco-friendly.

“When you are looking for the cleaning of a health-sensitive place like a hospital or clinic, you want to hire someone who is not only professional but also has good experience in the cleaning of medical facilities. You want a partner who you can trust for providing reliable and safe cleaning for your medical center. At Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney (, we have a special cleaning program designed to help medical businesses like you with all your cleaning needs. Our cleaners are expertly trained and use proprietary cleaning solutions and equipment that are both safe and effective,” says Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney CEO and owner Suji Siv. “Our medical cleaning program has been widely approved and accepted as one of the best ways to clean a medical facility. It reflects our capability to deliver the best medical cleaning service at an affordable price.”

Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney cleaners have been constantly providing efficient cleaning services to the frontline workers, doctors and medical facilities. From cleaning and disinfecting hundreds of clinics in Sydney, to being the #1 choice for disinfection of care centers in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, to performing routine cleaning in major hospitals in Brisbane, Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney has been a highly trusted and reliable medical cleaning service.

The Medical Cleaning Program of Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney can be summed up in three words: Efficient, Reliable, and Safe. Having more than 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, they know what to expect when cleaning a medical facility and have the best resources and teams to do the job efficiently. Their cleaners are trained cleaning professionals and police-checked to ensure safety for clients. They can be relied upon for the cleaning of sensitive medical establishments. They have a strict policy to use eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions for cleaning with minimal use of chemicals, which helps achieve great results while keeping the patients and staff safe.

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Safety is always the main concern for the Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney cleaners. Their cleaners have extensive experience and have been trained to use the best-quality disinfectants for the cleaning of medical facilities. Also, they use all kinds of protective gear, including masks, hazmat suits, gloves, etc. while cleaning such places. Their cleaning practices and solutions are known to deliver exceptional results, providing clients and their employees with complete peace of mind. From the basic cleaning of hospitals, to more focused and specialised cleaning, disinfection and sanitising, they can take care of everything.

Based on the type, area, foot traffic, high-touch points, and public areas of a medical facility, they can create a custom cleaning plan to achieve the desired results as per the client’s requirements.

Medical centers, clinics and hospitals in Australia can call Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney for all their routine cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection needs.


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