Office Cleaners Sydney Say Their Advanced Equipment Helps Take Their Cleaning to an Unprecedented Level

Clean Group Sydney is a company that spares no expense when it comes to obtaining state-of-the-art office cleaning equipment. This greatly contributes to them being able to provide their office cleaning clients with an unprecedented level of sanitization in their buildings. They say that by using the latest technologies available in cleaning equipment, they can provide their client companies with the tidy and near germ-free working spaces that they desire. Healthy office working environments are also thought to help keep employee production at a high level and cut down on the number of lost workdays due to illness.

The company representative, Stephen Matthews, says, “Someone who knows cleaning equipment well would be hard-pressed to find a newer type of cleaning technology that we have not already made available to our cleaning crews. We are that on top of things when it comes to being aware of what advances in cleaning technology have entered into the marketplace. It’s these advanced cleaning technologies when combined with our experienced cleaning personnel, that enable us to keep our business office cleaning clients extremely satisfied with our services. Not only does better equipment take the sanitization levels of office spaces that we clean to a much higher level, but it also allows us to clean more efficiently which helps keep the cost of our services lower.”

Among some of the more unique pieces of modern office cleaning technology that the Clean Group Sydney uses are the I-mop and high-quality antibacterial microfiber cloths. Matthews says that what makes the I-mop special is that it has the power of an industrial scrubber scaled down to a smaller size. That enables it to super-clean tighter spaces such as those under desks and in corners where a conventional industrial scrubber could not go. He says their office cleaners like to use high-quality antibacterial microfiber cloths because they do a more thorough job when it comes to wiping down such surfaces as window sills, railings, workstations, furniture, keyboards, and more. The company representative stated that their HEPA backpack vacuums even filter the air that passes through them and they also use color-coded buckets for specific types of cleaning jobs to avoid cross-contamination.

Matthews also mentioned that not only do they use the latest cleaning technologies but they also use advanced environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. This includes a special solution that’s used in one of their newer cleaning services which the company calls its ‘COVID-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield’. He says that this service adds an extra layer of cleaning protection to any office by using a disinfectant called Zoono Z-71. It’s an electrostatic spray solution that effectively kills 99.9% of germs for up to 30 days in just a single treatment. The Clean Group Sydney offers this option to clients that want to make their offices as germ-free as possible during the ongoing virus crisis. Companies that are already using these treatments throughout their office areas include Woolworths, CBRE, and Qantas.

According to Matthews, the quality of the office cleaning personnel that they employ should not be overlooked either. Their crews are all led by well-trained cleaning techs that have many years of experience cleaning all different types of commercial office spaces. He says that their crew’s knowledge is extremely valuable when it comes to cleaning offices in a manner that leaves them shining and thoroughly sanitized. Matthews added, “Whatever it takes to get the best cleaning personnel, equipment, and solutions that can be found, we at the Clean Group Sydney are willing to spend the money to do that.”

Matthews stated that they use these same state-of-the-art types of cleaning equipment and advanced environmentally-friendly solutions to clean other types of commercial spaces. This includes gyms, schools, medical buildings, childcare centers, and building strata areas. Those seeking more information on these office cleaners Sydney services can call them, send them an email, or click on the ‘Get a Quote’ link that’s found at the top of their website’s homepage.


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