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Monroe, NC based Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions is pleased to offer a comprehensive odor removal service to the community of Charlotte and the neighboring areas. Since the spring season is only a few short weeks away, the company recommends that home and business owners take this opportunity to ensure their homes and other spaces are completely odor-free in time to enjoy the new season.

A property can accumulate odors from a variety of sources, with pets and mold being among the most common of these, especially for private residences. However, the company clarifies that any foul smell that makes inhabiting a space an unpleasant experience should be considered an odor that needs to be removed, regardless of the source. As a result, they advise their community to get in touch with their team if they identify odors stemming from tobacco/pot use, skunk spray, fire damage, food, various chemicals and even bodily decomposition. Whatever the cause of the odor in question, Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions is ready and able to eliminate it.

Odor control to begin with, the company elaborates on pet odors, which most of their customers will be familiar with. The stench of pet feces and urine is unmistakable, but there are other reasons why having a pet may lead to an odor lingering around the area. For instance, the company explains that dogs secrete a substance through their sweat that gives them a characteristically strong, musky odor. This secretion varies from thin and yellowish to pasty and grayish, and given that dogs tend to have oily coats, they can deposit all of this on anything they sit on or rub against. Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions notes that it can even rub off onto the owner’s hand when they touch the pet in question.

Similarly, cats are known to mark their territory by urinating in various places. When this urine begins to decompose, it gives off a strong ammonia odor as the urea is broken down by bacteria. However, there is a second stage to this process, and the company states that the urine remnants will then begin to emit mercaptans — compounds which also give skunk spray its nasty smell.

Notably, odors can emanate from unexpected locations as well. As their name suggests, Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions specializes in remediating issues in crawlspaces. The company states that experience has shown them that homeowners who detect an earthy, musty smell can often trace its origin to their crawl space — where moisture buildup has led to a mold infestation. This tends to be an issue immediately during the summer months, but mold only needs warmth, oxygen and water to grow (in addition to the surface they latch onto, which will be consumed as food). A crawlspace that is heated with the rest of the house during winter, for instance, can still provide a decent environment for mold if a leak or other source of moisture is also present.

Whatever the case may be, customers are assured that Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions can both uncover the cause of any odor and eliminate it completely. The company utilizes an exclusive EnviroGuard treatment where necessary, and this is a proven solution that can remove any smell from the property in question, be it a home, office, hotel, hospital and so on.


Diane G. shares in their top-rated Google review of the company’s services, “While preparing our house for resale, water intrusion was detected in our crawlspace. We began seeking a good contractor who could resolve this situation. After securing three estimates for the installation of a drainage system, new insulation and vapor barrier, we chose Carlos with Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions.”

The review goes on to add that, “A Consultant was dispatched to do a thorough inspection and make recommendations. We received pictures of the area and a design for the drainage system that would eliminate our problem. Carlos and his crew went to work immediately, and we found them to be professional, trustworthy, dependable, reasonably priced and very thorough, while keeping us informed concerning their progress. For any crawlspace issues, I highly recommend Carlos and his team at Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions. Our crawlSpace looks so good now that I wouldn’t mind spending time under there!”

Customers are welcome to contact Carlos Rendon of Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions to inquire about their unique EnviroGuard Certification. More details regarding the company’s full range of services is also available on their official website and social media platforms.


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