Oakland Real Estate and Foreclosure Law Firm Hires New Director of Administration

Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo, P.C., based in Oakland, California, has announced that Paige McDaniel has joined the law firm as their Director of Administration. The law firm has 50 years of combined experience advocating on behalf of their clients in real estate and foreclosure law disputes. The firm treats each client with a personalized approach and engages the services of outside experts to help their clients succeed in their case. Paige McDaniel will be overseeing legal administration and operations for the firm.

Lyn Garrison, Chief Strategy Officer, says, “We are thrilled to welcome Paige McDaniel as the new Director of Administration. In this role, she will oversee operations, reporting, and human resources. She will also coordinate with the firm’s Billing Manager to address billing and collection matters and work with the firm’s management team to help achieve the firm’s strategic goals. She will be responsible for smooth day-to-day operations so the Owner can ensure that the firm is in a position to help more people especially those who may be facing foreclosure due to the Coronavirus Pandemic .”

Paige McDaniel has more than 25 years of experience in administration/office management, human resources, facilities, and IT. She follows an open-door style of management and she is a collaborative and steadfast advocate for staff members, resulting in long-term retention. She is also a basketball and triathlon/ ironman coach and applies the hard work, dedication, commitment, effort, compassion, sense of humor, and passion she has developed in sports to the office. She obtained a degree in political science from DePaul University and focused on the field of study change management and strategic human resources leadership in her studies at Cornell University.

The law firm helps people who are being foreclosed on or expect foreclosure in the near future. They collaborate with forensic auditors to investigate what really happened with the home financing when the client signed the agreements a number of years ago. The firm has so far garnered a more than 90 percent success rate at stopping imminent foreclosure. They have achieved the reputation of being champions in their field because of their knowledge of the law, winning focus, persistent discovery practices, and experience utilizing expert witnesses.

They have won cases against Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, The Bank of New York Melon, HSBC, US Bank, Nationstar (Mr. Cooper), Aurora Loan Services, and many more. They have represented various clients in Sonoma, Santa Clara, Alameda, Monterey, Orange, Santa Cruz, Marin, Contra Costa, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Joaquin, and San Mateo counties. Those who would like to know more about the law firm may want to view the company Facebook page.

They want people to know that it is never too late to try and save their home. The attorneys at the law firm know the laws and use them to help the homeowners and their families remain in their homes. They are offering a free 15-minute phone consultation for those who are interested.

The law firm can also help with various kinds of real estate disputes. These may involve purchase and sale agreements such as issues with performance or non-disclosure; construction contracts; defects/deficiencies in new construction; land use issues such as boundary disputes and easement litigation; neighborhood disputes such as nuisance and liability for damage to property; and property foreclosures.

There are a number of factors that differentiate them from other law firms. These include their prompt and professional response; respect for the client’s situation; their up-to-date knowledge on real estate laws in the client’s community; their aggressive negotiating tactics; their provision of fair, honest and ethical representation; respect for the other party in the dispute; transparency with regards to the process; and aggressive representation in court.

Those who are interested in the foreclosure law services provided by the Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo, P.C. may want to check out their website, or contact the law firm by calling (888) 982-0599 or via email at info@estavillolaw.com.


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