Oakland Foreclosure and Real Estate Law Firm Wins Prestigious Award

The Oakland, California-based Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo, P.C. was identified as one of the fastest growing Law Firms in the United States when it made the Law Firm 500 Award List for the third consecutive year. This year the firm was ranked 126th out of hundreds of firms across the country.

Known as California’s Real Estate & Foreclosure Law Experts, Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo offers Oakland residents over 50 years of combined legal experience. The firm’s plan when it comes to representing clients is relatively simple, and involves offering each client a unique, personalized solution to their legal predicaments. Each case is unique, with each client having different needs and wants, and the circumstances around each case require a different approach. Fortunately for their community, this is something this Oakland firm specializes in.

There are a number of reasons why the firm is on the list of the fastest growing firms in the US. When one chooses to work with Law Offices of Jason W. Estavillo, they can be sure that the firm will treat them with respect, empathy and understanding. Jason Estavillo meets each client personally to assess and discuss their situation and find ways in which to turn the case in their favor. They also work with outside experts to ensure that every client’s case is successful.

“We know selecting an attorney to trust with your home or property is hard,” says the firm. “Many people come to us after a negative experience with another firm, and they are reluctant to trust that we will deliver on our promises. However, our clients have told us that they sleep better knowing that we are fighting for them and that we will do everything possible to achieve their goals.”

The firm specializes in two main areas: Real Estate and Foreclosure Law. Their legal team handles all disputes involving the purchase and sale of property, offering legal assistance with titles, boundary disputes and easement litigation (along with defects in new construction projects and more). The firm also boasts a 90% success rate when it comes to keeping people in their homes in the face of imminent foreclosure. The firm takes pride in helping people who are being foreclosed on or could potentially face a foreclosure in the near future. Contact Estavillo Law for more information.

Law Offices of Jason Estavillo regularly receives great reviews from pleased clients. One client, Jack Rhiel, left a 5-star review of the firm that states, “I thank Caitlin and Jason, as well as the many others behind the scenes, for reaching the greatest possible outcome when things were literally at the worst possible point. They were on top of the process, stood up for what was right, did the legal maneuvers, and when there were setbacks, didn't give up and kept fighting. A truly amazing experience to watch, I still can't believe things all worked out. My family is forever grateful. Thank you.”

Another client, Thomas Murchie, says, “I went to Jason when I discovered an erroneous lien had been placed against the property of my primary residence. Upon meeting with Jason, he was able to quickly understand the situation and assure me that the issue could and would be resolved. On time and on budget, my property is now lien free. Jason and his entire team are highly professional and easy to do business with. If you are looking for a no nonsense approach to real estate law, you need look no further than the Law offices of Jason W. Estavillo.”

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