Oakland County Bat Removal Experts Advise Homeowners to Have Bats in the Attic Quickly Removed

Platinum Bat Removal is a company that is very familiar with the problems that bat infestation can bring to any home. That’s why they strongly recommend that anyone who has a bat problem in their attic or elsewhere in their home, has bats in the attic removed right away. Platinum Bat Removal is a new division of Platinum Wildlife Removal dedicated to removing bats in Oakland County Michigan. This company features technicians that are very experienced when it comes to humane bat removal from homes and taking steps to prevent their re-entry.

Company owners, Kevin and Kyle Scappaticci, talked about this further by saying, “We are getting close to the time of year where we see a lot of bat activity in Michigan. Unfortunately, this includes bats taking up residence in the attics of homes. They like the safety and convenience that attics have to offer as roosting and breeding grounds. This is not something that any homeowner wants to deal with for a long period of time because of the severity of the problems that go along with that. When they call trained and certified bat removal professionals like us, they do not have to. We act quickly to remove unwanted bats from a home and do everything needed to seal up their entry points to keep them from coming back.”

Oakland County Bats in the Attic

According to the Scappaticci brothers, one of the biggest problems that a bat infestation in a home presents is the threat of spreading disease. The two most common of which are rabies and histoplasmosis which can be fatal if left untreated. These diseases originate in the fungus that quickly grows on bat droppings (guano) in hot, humid attic conditions. In addition to the possible diseases that roosting bats can bring into a home, he says there are many other concerns too. Among them is the foul odor that comes from bat urine and droppings. This can eventually seep into a home and make the areas that it permeates into tough to occupy. The Scappaticci brothers also mentioned that bats can cause a significant amount of damage by damaging the ceiling drywall and attic insulation with the accumulation of urine and guano under their roosting areas. These accumulations can lead to a full ceiling collapse. He also pointed out that dealing with homeowners insurance policies to restore damages can be very diffucult without experience. Kyle Scappaticci just happens to be a national educator for the Wildlife Removal Elite organization, teaching wildlife control operators how to have their insurance claims accepted with a higher approval rate with proper wording and itemization.

Another issue that can come with bats, is bat bugs, which very closely resmeble bed bugs. Bat bugs, are among the top insects often mistaken for bed bugs. They both belong to the same scientific family (Cimicidae). Like bed bugs, bat bugs feed exclusively on the blood of mammals, primarily bats. As a fun fact, studies on the Cimicidae family of insects suggest that bed bugs may have evolved from bat bugs when humans once shared caves with bats.

The Michigan bat removal company owner added that many people are unaware of how little of an opening bats need to enter into a home. He says that many people assume they are sizable creatures but that is not always the case. Some bats can enter into attics through openings that are as little as 3/8 inch in size. Scappaticci stated that’s the reason why bat removal is often a two-step process. The first is humanely removing them and the second is to take steps to keep the bats from coming back. The company owner says some of the biggest problem areas for bat entry are through ridge vents, fascia boards and soffits. He says that’s why he has taken the time to have his techs certified when it comes to installing Ridge-Guard® to seal ridge vents. His crews are also certified in the installation of Richard Hodges Metal Work Systems to block bat entry through soffits. This greatly helps secure these critical bat entry points.

Those who have used this company’s bat removal services rate them very highly. Here is an example of that in a glowing review from Don Smith who wrote, “Your technicians did a great job identifying and closing entry points. We are now free of our bat problem. Your people were outstanding, very professional and courteous. I cannot say enough. Thank you!” Here is another review that offers similar praises for the company’s bat removal services; in it, Dorothy Gentry says, “Wonderful company with amazing service from start to finish. Aaron, the manager, is running a great crew of guys and girls. Anthony, my wildlife specialist, figured out exactly where the bats were entering my home. He got them out and sealed up my roof super tight. Thank you so much for your marvelous workmanship!”

The owner invites those that are interested in learning more about their bat removal, re-entry prevention, attic restoration and guano cleanup services, to give them a call, send them an email or find out if they service one's area on their website. Platinum Bat Removal Service Areas.


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