Oakland Concrete Solutions: Why Homeowners Are Choosing Concrete Patios In Oakland

Oakland, CA based Oakland Concrete Solutions is reaching out to the wider community to explain why more homeowners in Oakland are choosing concrete patios for their properties. With many years of experience delivering expert concrete services, the company has been providing high quality concrete installation, restoration and rehabilitation services for the residents of Oakland and the surrounding communities. As such, they can provide a great deal of insight based on their customers’ preferences and feedback. More information about the company can be found here: https://oaklandconcretesolutions.com/concrete-patio/.

Oakland Concrete Solutions says, “What good is a home if you can’t truly relax and enjoy yourself? Many homeowners across Oakland have come to realize that they can make better use out of their outdoor areas if they work on them, which has motivated them to renovate the exterior parts of their property. and a lot of them are choosing concrete as their material of choice when it comes to installing a modern and attractive patio or entertainment area. Our team believes they have many good reasons for doing so.”

A concrete patio, the company explains, can incorporate a number of design elements that contribute to its functionality and attractiveness. Concrete is a tremendously versatile material, especially in the hands of an individual or team who knows what to do with it. Using concrete means that built-in fire pits, barbecue areas, seating and even water features are just some of the many options that are available to the homeowner.

There is also the fact that using concrete gives the most value for money. Concrete is incredibly durable. When compared to material such as natural wood, the advantages of concrete become clear. It is able to withstand damage from adverse weather conditions and heavy foot traffic much more easily than other materials. It also does not require constant, time-consuming and expensive maintenance (contrast this with wood which requires regular attention for staining and sealing). It is also impervious to damage from pests, such as termites.

The company explains that while a lot of people shy away from concrete due to the belief that it is a boring and unattractive material, this is patently untrue. Modern techniques allow concrete to be made more aesthetically pleasing through a variety of colors and designs, and due to its versatility, it allows unlimited design options. Concrete can be stamped to mimic brick, natural stone, tile, slate (a popular choice) and flagstones at a fraction of the cost of these materials — and it can easily be matched to the existing design of the home, thereby providing a seamless indoor and outdoor experience.

The services provided by Oakland Concrete Solutions have earned the company a lot of praise. They maintain a perfect 5-Star rating, which anyone can view on Google. David T. writes in his review, “I spent some time shopping around and getting multiple quotes from concrete companies in the area. After weighing out my options, I went with Oakland Concrete Solutions because of their pricing, knowledge and customer service. My backyard looks amazing with the new stamped concrete they poured. 5 Stars!”

Oakland Concrete Solutions comments, “If you do want to use concrete for your home patio as well, you need to make sure that you find a professional partner to design and install the concrete outdoor space. Your concrete contractor should be focused on superior customer service and the highest standards of workmanship — and they should have a track record of success.”

The company says that a good concrete contractor will do more than just pour the concrete and ensure that any finishes are world-class and conform to the brief that the homeowner supplies. They will be there every step of the way to ensure that the end product is exactly what the homeowner envisioned. This includes providing advice on design and ensuring that the functionality of the patio adds to the pleasure of the outdoor experience. They will also ensure every stage adds to the value of the home.

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