Oahu Horse Riding Lessongs Offered At North Shore Stables

Waialua, HI based North Shore Stables (NSS) is pleased to announce that they are accepting applicants for horse riding lessons. Led by a team of equine enthusiasts, NSS is keen to share their love of horses with everyone in their community, and they especially look forward to teaching children. Adults are welcome as well; the Stables are accepting learners aged 2 and up.

A variety of lessons are available for those interested in polishing their riding skills (or who are just getting started), including the Basic Horsemanship Lesson, Basic Riding Lesson, Full Groom Lesson, Oceanfront Peninsula Riding Lesson and Beachfront Riding Lesson. Each lesson is 45 minutes long, and guests are encouraged to ask about the Stables’ private lessons if this would make them more comfortable.

Beginners will start with the Basic Horsemanship Lesson and progress through the rest as they become more accustomed to working with horses. In this lesson, they will be taught how to handle a horse on the ground, perform basic care and see to their grooming needs. This lesson is designed to be a hands-on riding experience, on the ground and in the saddle. After learning how to prep their horse (with the trainer’s help), students will need to gain some experience in the saddle. Here, their trainer will help them improve their balance, body positioning, control and even communicate effectively with their horse. While many may be impatient to progress as fast as possible, the Stables recommend that beginners take several lessons in order to to lay a solid foundation in horsemanship. They point out that every rider learns at their own pace, so they should not attempt to rush their education. In time, their trainer will indicate when they are ready to proceed. Fortunately, they expect that most students will find their training to be as fun as it is informative.

Guests need not take the company’s word for this, however. Many who have already had the pleasure of taking lessons or exploring the trails on the Stable’s gentle horses are all too pleased to share their experiences. These accounts can be found on multiple platforms, such as the Stable’s social media channels and so on.

As one Google review from Avery H. shares, “Lacee is absolutely amazing! So friendly and easy going. My friend and I were taking care of as soon as we arrived. All the workers were kind and smiling and happy to help us around the place. They have amazing animals that were very well taken care of. They were very interactive with us, and the horses were well tamed and so fun. 10/10 experience, this is a wonderful place for horseback riding. It is about a two and half hour bus ride if you aren’t Ubering from Waikiki Honolulu, otherwise plan accordingly depending on where you’re located on the island.”

Another review from Maritza S. sheds light on the Stables’ approach to young riders, particularly those who are new to horses and have little to no experience with such large animals. Notably, this guest visited the Stables quite soon after they first opened, and their comments demonstrate that the team has consistently been committed to keeping their visitors safe while ensuring they have the time of their lives.

The review says, “We took our 2-year-old here for a private basic horsemanship lesson and had Claire. She was amazing with our son and patient too. She showed him how she got the horse set up to ride and made it easy for him. My son was hesitant at first since it was his first time on a horse, but after a while he relaxed and even grabbed the reins. I highly recommend North Shore Stables. Everyone was friendly, and they just opened two weeks ago so they are brand new. They accept all ages and are affordable. We will definitely come back again.”

Lessons can be scheduled here: https://northshorestables.com/lessons/. More details regarding each lesson type and what students can expect to learn can be found here as well. Alternatively, guests may contact the Stables’ staff to inquire further about their various services, including horse riding lessons, tours and more.


For more information about North Shore Stables, contact the company here:

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