NY Koen Group Breaks Ground on Construction of NY Twin Tower Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine

NY Koen Group, based in Dubai, UAE, has announced that they have recently broken ground on the construction of the NY Twin Tower Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine. They have welcomed the recent legalization of gambling in Ukraine because this particular hotel will include some gambling facilities. The hotel project was designed by the award-winning architects and designers of AVG Group. Meanwhile, work has also been started on the Platinum Centre Office Tower in the Holosiivs'kyi district.

The law that legalizes gambling in Ukraine has finally been passed and this law is expected to come into force by September 2020. This will require the creation of a regulator body that will be in charge of issuing licenses to the business, and to every Ukrainian who wants to get a completely legal right to visit casinos and bet on sports. As a result of this law, bookmaker points, such as slot machines, may be installed on the territory of three-star, four-star, and five-star hotels, including racetracks. People will be able to play poker with bets only in the casinos. However, poker tournaments without bets are not regarded as gambling in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the AVG Group of companies is made up of three divisions: AVG Design, AVG Architecture, and AVG Construction. The AVG team has already completed hundreds of projects in Ukraine and other European countries. Through the efforts of AVG, thousands of people have benefitted by owning apartments, flats, and houses with designs that reflect the most modern trends. The AVG Group’s portfolio consists of such projects as private apartments, micro districts, the largest shopping malls, residencies, industrial facilities, and schools in the Eastern Europe.

The AVG Group has also won several Ukrainian and international professional contest awards. Over time, their clients have become their long-term business partners and they have developed friendly relationships with most of them. The architects and designers of AVG had developed the interior design of Lavina Mall for the Mandarin Plaza LLC and residential complexes such as UDP Smart Plaza, Taryan Group, BB Holding, UTG, Esta Holding, UkrBud Development, and Stolitsa Group. AVG has also developed the interior designs for the DTEK offices, Ferrexpo, 101 Tower business center, GazTron, KAN Development, and CIG.

Those who are interested in learning more about the NY Twin Tower Hotel, designed by award-winning designers and architects of the AVG Group, and other projects of NY Development may want to check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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