NY Koen Group Announces that All Companies Operating Under Its Umbrella Are Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies Payment

NY Koen Group, with headquarters in Dubai, UAE, is happy to announce that all companies operating under its umbrellas are now accepting payment in all the popular cryptocurrencies. Naum Koen, founder and CEO of NY Koen Group, has been investing in cryptocurrencies for several years and his most successful investment was in bitcoin in December 2016. He was able to buy a huge amount of bitcoin at the relatively low price of $770 per bitcoin. The profitability of the investment is staggering since bitcoin as of February 18, 2021 has a value of about $50,000.

It should be noted that payment businesses have been going through a revolution during the past few years. New payment technologies have been developed, from block chain and financial tech to artificial intelligence (AI) and then to cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital asset that is kept on a digital shared ledger known as the blockchain. This blockchain cannot be modified, which allows funds and goods can be transferred trustfully. Thus, the blockchain minimizes the risk of fraud and increases transparency. It is therefore not surprising that both consumers and merchants would want to use cryptocurrency payments because they are a more efficient and less expensive payment solution.

NY Koen Group was established by Naum Koen in 2003 and it is currently an international holding company. NY Koen and its subsidiary companies are involved in different markets, including private aviation, digital technologies, jewelry and diamond manufacturing, security, construction, and more. It is made up of several companies and projects: Jeni Coin, GEMGOW, Daniel MS, Time to Nova, Aero Private Jet, Amber Palm, Diamond Club, TES, NY Security, NY Charity, and NY Development.

Jeni Coin is a jewelry manufacturer and supplier and offers an exclusive line of unique and customized diamond jewelry that are produced in-house. They independently perform the whole cycle of the production process, from sketches made by their professional designers to the finished product that is made available through their own boutiques.

GEMGOW is an international online trading platform for precious materials. The GEMGOW Internet platform provides a field-specific virtual space where the gems and jewelry market participants may be able to profitably trade, regardless of the language differences and location.

Daniel MS is a multinational company with headquarters in Dubai. It is a diamond cutter and a wholesale and retail supplier and seller of cut diamonds and personalized limited jewelry. They are committed to providing natural gems that are of the highest quality in terms of color, cut, and purity.

Time to Nova Company is an international online marketing agency that offers clients a complete range of services related to promotion on the Internet and brands presentation. The company’s clients come from different branches of business, such upmarket gastronomy, military defense enterprises, production and trade in jewels, and many others.

Aero Private Jet is focused on business aviation, closely cooperating with the biggest operators and private owners of business jets all over the world. The company offers a comprehensive range of services in the organization of VIP flights for both business and leisure and individual customer service, depending on customer preferences.

TES (Technological Engineering Solutions) is focused on infrastructure building and enhancing the living conditions of people. Its three basic types of activities are: TES Engineering for construction services, TES Coatings for protective coatings, and TES Scan for pipeline inspection services.

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