NY and New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney Matus Law Group Launches Pop Culture & Law Podcast

New York City, July 14, 2021 - Matus Law Group launched the Pop Culture & Law podcast on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. The conversational podcast between two estate planning attorneys explores the hidden sides of the U.S. and international legal matters in our pop culture and examines their accuracy.

Pop Culture & Law steps away from the complexity of legal practice and emphasizes the real-world impact of legal matters, all while educating audiences in both the law and entertainment. Echoing Matus Law Group's goal of helping special needs families protect the future of their loved ones, the podcast examines some of the most curious, quirky, and unprecedented real-life as well as fictional legal cases.

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The podcast is hosted by Founding Attorney Christine Matus and Associate Attorney Kristine Carranceja-Gurski from the Matus Law Group. In the first episode, the two estate planning attorneys discuss the guardianship's limits while examining Marla's story from Netflix's I Care a Lot and Britney Spears' controversial restrictive conservatorship.

"We’re excited to share our new podcast and hope to spark curiosity and share our knowledge with listeners throughout the world," said Christine Matus. "In each episode, our audience will have the opportunity to hear about pop-culture and law in movies, on TV, and in magazines. We'll look at the portrayal of legal matters and learn about the main issues of the most discussed legal cases in the entertainment industry and beyond."

Pop Culture & Law podcast offers a new perspective on entertainment through the legal framework and uses creative storytelling to untangle some of the most widely discussed cases at the intersection of law and culture.

"If there’s a piece of culture you love, and there's a legal angle to it, we are most likely going to touch upon it in our podcast. Join us for an informal but insightful conversation offering the perfect mix of curious stories and relevant legal details," said Christine Matus.

In the podcast, Christine Matus and Kristine Carranceja-Gurski bring together their experience as trusted estate planning lawyers dedicated to helping special families plan for life, protect and care for loved ones, and their love for movies, books, and music, which makes them ideal podcast hosts.

New podcast episodes are released monthly and available to stream or download on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast streaming platforms. Find links to all platforms on https://matuslaw.com/special-needs-lawyer-podcast/.

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