NW Cornea Institute Offers LASIK Eye Surgery, Using The Most Advanced Technology in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon: NW Cornea Institute offers LASIK and PRK eye surgery in Portland, using the most advanced technology available. As such, patients in Oregon state can take advantage of the latest advancements in laser vision correction for a safer, more efficient and more comfortable eye surgery with short downtime.

With laser technology evolving, NW Cornea Institute strives to provide patients with the most advanced options for improving their vision. The centerpiece of the ophthalmology practice is the Star S4IR machine, which allows for precise treatment of even the most complex vision problems.

Laser Eye Surgery Portland

This groundbreaking technology employs a sophisticated 3D scanning system that maps out each patient's unique eye geometry to provide an individualized treatment plan that delivers accurate results. This means a shorter surgery duration, a lower risk of complications, and a quicker recovery time. The combination of precision and reliability makes the Star S4IR one of the most popular surgical devices today.

The ophthalmologists at NW Cornea Institute have been leaders in vision correction for more than 27 years. They provide patients with the best eye care possible, while the addition of cutting-edge LASIK technology is a testament to their commitment to excellent patient care.

In a recent testimonial, one patient praised NWCI’s ophthalmologists for their professionalism and expertise in eye surgeries, “I feel I must thank you for my recent eye surgery. Everything is healing quite well and I can see so much better now. You have been so kind and respectable with my dry eye problems. You described my condition so that I could understand. You have made me feel safe in your judgment and care for my eye treatment.”

The LASIK eye surgeons at NW Cornea Institute take the time to get to know every patient, understand their goals and expectations, and ensure they are comfortable with their eye treatment or eye surgery. The best care and comfort for patients is always a priority for them.

About NW Cornea Institute

NW Cornea Institute is a top provider of LASIK eye surgery services in Portland, Oregon. With a team of highly skilled surgeons, the latest technology, and a commitment to excellence, our premier ophthalmology center offers patients exceptional care and help with all types of eye conditions. For more information about NW Cornea Institute and their new LASIK services, please visit their website at https://nwcorneainstitute.com/ or call 503-227-2020.


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