Numerous Dumpster Rental Options Separate Allentown PA Waste Management Company from the Competition

GMS Environmental, a company that specializes in Allentown dumpster rentals, likes to do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the competition. This is why they do such things as responsibly dispose of a wide variety of trash & junk and excel when it comes to customer service. They also differ from some of their competition by offering a wide variety of dumpster rental choices. That way everyone from small homeowners to busy contractors can find a dumpster rental option that nicely meets their rubbish disposal needs. The company owner, Gabrielle Sisselberger, says, “One of the first things that I learned in this business is that trash and junk removal is by no means a one size fits all proposition. It’s simply not fair to charge a homeowner that is cleaning out a small amount of junk from their garage the same amount of money as a roofing contractor who is tearing off a roof and needs to dispose of the debris. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to purchase many different size dumpsters to give our customers more garbage disposal choices.”

Sisselberger went on to describe the different dumpster sizes that they offer for rent. It all starts with their smallest size 10-yard dumpster which measures 14’x 7.5’x 3.5’ and has a 1-ton weight limit included. This size is perfect for smaller cleanout projects and yard cleanup tasks. Next comes their 15-yard dumpster that has a 1-ton allowance for the material that can be placed in its 16’x 7.5’x 4.5’. She added that many small-size businesses and large homeowners like their medium-sized 20-yard dumpster which measures 22’x 7.5’x 4.5’. For bigger projects, many contractors and businesses prefer to rent their 22’x 7.5’x 6’ 30-yard dumpster or their 22’x 7.5’x 8’ largest size 40-yard dumpster. The 20- and 30-yard dumpsters come with a 2-ton weight allowance and up to 3-tons can be placed in the 40-yard dumpster. Every dumpster rental also includes a standard 14-day rental period in its price which can be extended for a small fee.

Dumpster Rental Allentown PA - GMS Environmental

The company owner also mentioned that they not only offer many dumpster choices but they also will haul away almost any type of rubbish imaginable as long as it is not considered to be hazardous to the environment. The company takes great pride in being a responsible waste management company. She stated that people like to use their trash and junk removal services for business, attic, garage, basement, and foreclosure cleanup projects along with their dumpsters being a convenient option for getting rid of yard waste. Other items that they dispose of regularly include construction debris, TVs, Mattresses, hot tubs, appliances, e-waste, and old furniture. Sisselberger welcomes those in Allentown who need waste management services and are unsure if their junk and trash are safe to dispose of by normal means can give them a call to discuss it. They will also go to homes, businesses, and construction sites to deliver dumpsters that are outside of the Allentown city limits. This includes dumpster deliveries to such communities as Lehigh, Bethlehem, Northampton, Easton, Center Valley, Emmaus, Hellertown, and Quakertown. Most of the time arrangements can be made for those that are slightly out of the company’s service to have their trash removed for a small extra fee. area She pointed out that all of their dumpster deliveries are made by experienced waste management drivers who know how to place their rental dumpsters just as close to where they are being loaded as possible.

Sisselberger pointed out that there are three ways that customers can book a dumpster rental from them. This includes rentals being arranged through more conventional phone calls and emails or by taking advantage of GMB Environmental’s convenient online dumpster booking service. Scheduling a pick-up is even easier and only requires a simple text message to the company. She also says that for those needing last-minute dumpster rental services, they will still make the effort that it takes to accommodate them. More information on this reputable dumpster rental in Allentown PA company’s services can be viewed on its website.


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