NSR Of Asheville has the Best Atmosphere For Men's Addiction Recovery

NSR Of Asheville, a sober living environment for men is offering a stigma-free addiction recovery program for men. Interested participants can read more about the program and their Extended Care Recovery Program at https://NSRofAsheville.org/. The program states that its goal is to equip young men suffering from addiction issues with the tools for happy, healthy lives.

The program believes that the environment its members are placed in is crucial to recovery. The location of Asheville in North Carolina was chosen because of the scenery and offers everything that young men in recovery might need. According to NSR of Asheville, the location and people welcome everyone with open arms. The program’s goal is to help develop the self-worth of the young men who need help for recovery. That is only possible when the community around them is supportive and caring. The location increases the success rate of the program’s participants.

Addiction Programs designed specifically for Men is key to Men

The program was started by Susan Stader who fought addiction herself before dedicating her life to the cause of helping others. She trained and built up her credentials for over 10 years by working in European treatment centers to build a community of her own based on structure, community, and self-worth. Her vision was to create a program that would last its recipients beyond primary treatment to remain clean and sober. The goal is to enable members of the program to become strong and healthy members of society. The vision was to provide a home-like setting, encourage daily structure, and provide a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to a sober lifestyle, while grounded in a strong 12-step foundation of recovery. More information can be read at https://NSRofAsheville.org/mens-addiction-recovery/.

The program’s administrators go on to say that addiction tends to fracture relationships and destroy homes. In order to repair this splintering of human bonding, first, it is necessary to fight the loneliness that accompanies the early signs of recovery. Placing young men going through the same struggles in close proximity brings camaraderie and companionship that helps tide over the difficult loneliness of recovery. The program says that surrounding participants with positive people who want to see them succeed is one of the best ways to fight that. The program says that Asheville is the perfect location for that. It says that the place is filled with the type of people who will cheer for the men joining the program.

The program appeals to those suffering from addiction who are considering the cost of recovery options to remember the cost of untreated addiction which is much higher than they might think. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the annual cost of drug and alcohol addiction in the United States is $417 billion which includes the cost of crime, lost work productivity, and health care. The program says that there is also the irreplaceable cost of lives lost to addiction. Nearly 132,000 Americans die annually from alcohol-related causes and drug overdoses for an average of 360 lives per day. This makes addiction one of our nation’s leading preventable causes of death far surpassing traffic accidents, gun violence, and falls combined.

A testimonial of the program’s service from Austin Price says, “I had a great experience after completing a 90-day rehab in Mississippi. The staff and programs were very helpful and just what I needed to transition. With so many sober living or halfway house options out there, it’s hard to know who is out for YOUR best interest. NSR of Asheville truly cares about the individual and long-term recovery. Very grateful for my time there.”

A testimonial by Kai Lovallo says, “Phenomenal treatment facility. Everyone from caseworkers, drivers, therapists, and the owners are genuine, sincere, and knowledgeable about recovery. They truly care about everyone attending treatment here…”


Further information can be found at https://NSRofAsheville.org/asheville-nc/.


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