NOVA Smile Studio Provides Dental Implants In Northern VA

Winchester, VA based NOVA Smile Studio would like to announce that their dental implant services are now available to patients in Northern Virginia. These services make use of advanced techniques and technologies to give patients the best results possible. NOVA Smile Studio has been responsible for the creation of a number of perfect smiles, and a patient can be sure that every procedure they undergo with this team will continue this tradition.

The service is available in a number of areas. Leesburg VA is one area that will now have access to excellent dental implant services, for instance. NOVA Smile Studio says, “For most patients, the reason that dental implants are the most logical next step is due to missing teeth, loose dentures or bridges and a sunken in facial appearance. Many of our patients are also looking for a solution to build their self-esteem and just create a better life experience. Dental implants are incredibly durable and have a high success rate. Additional procedures may be required to make the jaw suitable for implant surgery in some cases, but rest assured that Dr. Raja will advise you on all your options when you come in for your dental implant consultation.”

Dental implants are artificial components that a dentist places in the patient’s jawbone. The purpose of dental implants is to fill the gap left behind by missing teeth. Some of the reasons people get dental implants include missing teeth, sagging bridges, damaged teeth, infected teeth and gums and sagging dentures (or partials). Regardless of the reason why they need implants, Sterling VA patients can trust NOVA Smile Studio to install their implants safely and professionally — with minimal need for invasive procedures.

There are a number of reasons why NOVA Smile Studio is the top clinic in Virginia for dental implants. The fact that NOVA Smile Studio offers quick and easy booking is one of the many reasons why people choose to visit this dental clinic over others. At NOVA Smile Studio, they believe in bringing happiness to people wherever possible, so they make the process of booking an appointment more convenient in pursuit of this. Affordable treatment is another reason why people choose NOVA over other dental providers in the area. They believe that everyone should have access to affordable dental care as well, so they go to great lengths to keep their rates low. This does not mean that they compromise on quality, however, and patients can be sure to get the best treatment at NOVA Smile Studio.

The clinic has some of the most highly qualified and experienced dental surgeons on staff. Dr. K. Raja is board certified in implantology by the international congress of Oral Implantologists, and his dental clinic is one of the most well received in the region (with almost 300 reviews on Google, many of which are 5-Star rave reviews).

There are several types of implants to choose from at NOVA Smile Studio. The clinic says, “Decide what is important to you. Will making a lower denture more stable with an implant overdenture improve your quality of life? Or do you need the denture to be so secure that it doesn’t move at all? In general, more implants secure restorations better. Having a greater number and the best type of dental implants gives the patient a more lifelike feel, similar to natural teeth. But there is a cost associated with the greatest level of comfort.”

A number of happy patients have left great reviews online. Douglas L. says, “A very pleasant and professional staff made all the difference. A difficult extraction was painless, and Dr. Raja and his staff kept me informed of what to expect throughout the entire procedure.”

Kelly H. adds in their review, “I cannot say enough about this practice! The entire staff are friendly and thorough. Dr. Raja treated my 14 year old daughter with such care. I highly recommend it to other families needing oral surgery. Fantastic!”

For more information on dental implants in Virginia, including Fairfax VA and other areas, visit NOVA Smile Studio’s website.


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