Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC Is Offering Central Air Inspection Services in Quad Cities, Iowa

Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC is offering furnace repair and installation services to homeowners in the Quad Cities area who are looking to perform maintenance on their home’s heating solution to prepare for the cold winter months ahead.

Iowa winters are cold and unforgiving. Anyone who has spent time in The Hawkeye State or is currently residing there recognizes the need for capable heating solutions in one’s living quarters when the year is coming to an end and the mercury starts to drop. Temperatures in northern Iowa can drop to as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit in January with the southern part of the state faring slightly better at around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The minimum temperatures are well below the freezing point and hence they can be a challenge for even the best home heating solutions.

Furnace install and repair

According to statistics from the 2009 Residential Energy Consumption Survey performed by the Energy Information Administration, 49% of Iowa residences had a natural gas central heating system. Those numbers are likely to be more or less consistent with current statistics as furnaces tend to last around 20 years. Homeowners who haven’t had their home heating solutions replaced or maintained periodically or those who are nearing the end of their heating solution’s lifespan often complain of inconsistencies such as spots throughout the house that are too hot or too cold, dirty or clogged filters, thermostats that are unresponsive or finicky to use, limited airflow, flickering pilot lights, and many more problems that can make the prospect of facing the frigid winter months a very unsavory affair.

Northwest Plumbing Heating & AC is helping Iowa homeowners face the harsh months with confidence by offering to do a detailed sweep of all the problems that a home’s heating solution is facing and providing high-quality repair or replacement solutions to mitigate them. The company offers customers free estimates for furnace replacements. The company’s trained and experienced technicians are adept at working with all makes, models, and types of heaters and furnaces, including oil, gas, propane, electric, geothermal and more. The company also offers a White Glove Guarantee which means that they will leave the job site as clean and untouched as it was before they worked on it.

For customers who have already experienced the work quality and professionalism offered by Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC, the company also offers service partner agreements that help homeowners ensure that their home furnace will operate without problems at the highest efficiency for years on end. The company offers furnace preventative maintenance plans (1 furnace) for $99/year (or $8.25/month). The agreement will include an annual furnace check that is useful for preemptively spotting problems that have the potential to cause failures in the system in the future. As a service partner, customers also enjoy the benefits of having no after-hours or weekend fees.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its furnace repair, replacement, and installation services by saying, “One analogy that always manages to resonate with our customers is thinking of your home as you would your car. You wouldn’t drive your car 10,000 miles without changing the oil. Similarly, regular preventative maintenance on your home’s heating and cooling system will help you avoid costly repairs in the long run. Our service partner agreements are perfect to help you stay on top of all issues. There is also an option to combine all of our plumbing, heating, cooling maintenance programs in one neat package. You can go through all of the benefits that we offer by browsing the Service Partner Agreements page on our website.”

The company offers a range of services related to home heating solutions such as furnace repair, and maintenance, furnace replacement, annual heating system check, humidifier installation, repair, and maintenance, boiler installation, repair, and maintenance, geothermal systems, mini-splits(ductless), high-efficiency heating, and cooling systems, zoning, thermostat installation, repair, and maintenance, steam heating, and hot water heating.

The company also offers a range of air conditioning services and plumbing services. The company can be contacted at the phone number (563) 391-1344 for all business inquiries.


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