Northpoint Washington Offers an Integrated Approach To Addiction Treatment

Edmonds, WA: Northpoint Washington is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Washington State that is taking a unique approach to addiction rehab in an effort to bring their patients the highest quality treatment and lasting recovery.

Northpoint Washington’s treatment philosophy revolves around an integrated treatment approach to addiction rehab. Instead of choosing to simply focus on the physical effects of addiction, which include discomforts like cravings, Northpoint Washington’s integrated programming considers the entire physical and mental health of the patient. Although treating physical dependence and managing symptoms of withdrawal is important, Northpoint Washington believes in providing treatment for mental health conditions and medical care needs alongside the standard substance addiction programming.

woman expressing relief after successfully completing rehab

As a leader in providing patients with quality rehab programs, Northpoint Washington has utilized the experiences and learning they have accumulated through their treatment services to create and establish functioning treatment programs that go beyond a standard addiction treatment program. To support the goal of helping patients achieve and maintain long-term sobriety, a three-pronged integrated care approach is offered.

While addressing the physical challenges and side effects of addiction is important, Northpoint Washington maintains that it is equally important to address the deep-rooted psychological factors that encourage or are linked to a patient’s addiction. Psychological factors, this rehab center believes, are highly important factors that can set the tone for recovery and provide a solid foundation.

Addressing the roots and factors of addiction allows patients to better comprehend their situation and take the necessary steps to fix the root issues and maximize the opportunity for long-term recovery. This deep examination of one’s relationship with addiction is a bedrock for Northpoint Washington’s treatment philosophy and actively shapes a patient’s treatment course.

The integrated care approach also allows for plenty of flexibility to adapt and mold each treatment plan to suit each patient. Northpoint Washington is adamant about the importance of recognizing each patient’s individuality and unique situation with substance use. By tailoring treatment programs to address each individual’s needs and concerns, patients can be properly supported and receive individualized plans and care.

Integrated and individualized treatment plans are coupled with a secure and comfortable environment that provides proper medical support to patients, allowing them to simply focus and invest their time and energy into recovery.

Those interested in learning more about Northpoint Washington’s integrated approach to addiction treatment can contact a team member by calling (425) 947-5013 or visiting their website. Northpoint Washington is a rehab center built on the ideals of humility and conviction. They are ready and prepared to help all callers learn more about their philosophy, programs, and options to lead a healthier, happier, and sober life.


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