Northbrook Dentist Strives To Preserve Dental Health Amid Pandemic

The Northbrook Dentist Office, a dental health provider based in Illinois, is proud to share that they have been hard at work making sure no patient has to forego dental health during the pandemic. Despite the many challenges posed by these circumstances, the office reassures the community that their expertise and assistance will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

“The existence of one crisis does not mean that we can ignore the harm that can be caused by another,” says the Northbrook Dentist Office. “As many of our patients can attest, you can subject yourself to indescribable pain if you allow your dental hygiene to deteriorate. We’re aware of this possibility as well, more so since the onset of the pandemic has forced many families to stay indoors and maintain social distancing as much as possible to stay safe. However, some things cannot be avoided, so offices like ours are doing our part to keep the community healthy.”

Even when not operating under such conditions, the Northbrook Dentist Office provides a wide variety of cosmetic and general dental services that are designed to keep their patients healthy as well as preserve their confidence in their own smiles. Led by Dr. Steven Kacel, a specialized dental provider who has been serving patients throughout the community for more than 30 years, the team at the Northbrook Dentist Office works hard to give their patients the benefit of affordable and accessible dental healthcare. Today, they have reworked their procedures to ensure that their patients remain safe from the added risk of COVID-19 transmission. Learn more here: Dentist Northbrook.

Safety begins in the waiting room where the clinic allows only a single person to remain at any given point. Each person who arrives here, including patients and anyone who accompanies them, is provided sanitizing gel to clean their hands with. According to the Northbrook Dentist Office, looking for signs of a fever is not the most effective way to gauge whether an individual has caught the virus. As a result, they have opted to take each visitor’s blood oxygen level in addition to their temperature (since the COVID-19 virus is known to affect the lungs). This two-pronged test helps make the screening process more effective, in turn contributing to the safety of patients and staff alike.

Next, the clinic has installed plexi-glass room dividers, along with curtains, that divide the office into small rooms where each have a HEPPA-H air cleaner/filter. This measure reduces airflow between each ‘section’ of the office, and the filter continuously cycles the air in order to help remove any harmful contaminants (such as the virus). As has been encouraged by the CDC, the staff at the Northbrook Dentist Office now wear masks, and all clinical staff are required to wear hair covers as well as shoe covers — in addition to protective shields and long isolation gowns.

These procedures are intended to maintain social distancing during each visit, so patients can rest assured that they will be separated thus from each other as well. Once an appointment is concluded, they are escorted out carefully, and all door knobs and countertops are sanitized once they leave.

The Northbrook Dentist Office says, “When it comes to the care and safety of our patients, we prefer to err on the side of caution. No safety measure is too great, so we hope you will not hesitate to get your dental health checked by a professional if the need arises. Should you have any questions regarding our methods, or wish to see if we can accommodate any other requests, please let us know. Our services are always at your disposal.”

Parents and other interested parties are welcome to contact Dr. Steven Kacel or any other representative from the Northbrook Dentist Office to schedule their next appointment.

Further details regarding their COVID-19 precautionary measures and the dental services they provide can also be found on the The Northbrook Dentist Office website. Visit their website at the following link:


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