Northbrook Dentist Office Advises Community On Mouthwash And Bad Breath

Northbrook, Illinois-based Northbrook Dentist Office recently published a blog post that looks into whether mouthwash can serve as a cure for bad breath. The dental clinic provides high quality cosmetic and general dental services for the Northbrook area and surrounding communities at an affordable rate. Their insight and expertise has proven valuable to their patients on innumerable occasions.

Dr. Steven Kacel, founder of Northbrook Dental Office, says, “There is a misconception among a fair number of people that mouthwash is a cure for bad breath. Sadly, I’m here to tell you that it is not. If the cure for bad breath was as simple as swishing around some artificially sweetened, antiseptic-based oral rinse, then everyone would have minty-fresh breath. Bad breath can be caused by a number of factors, and mouthwash is, at best, a temporary solution. You need to consider methods that will actually tackle the problem at its root.”

One such method that the dentist suggests in the blog post is to regularly floss one’s teeth. According to Dr. Kacel, every dentist will agree that flossing one’s teeth after meals is key to keeping teeth and gums healthy. One of the side benefits of flossing is that it gives people better-smelling breath because it removes food particles between teeth that can feed bad bacteria. Less bad bacteria equates to less bad breath.

Another tip the dentist provides is to stay hydrated. A dry mouth allows bacteria to grow abundantly in mouths. Popular mouthwash products contain alcohol, which in fact dries out the mouth more than usual. In the blog post, Dr. Kacel says that the solution to bad breath caused by dry mouth is for those suffering from this condition to drink more water and use an all-natural mouth rinse that does not contain alcohol.

Of course, eating a healthy diet will also help. Since a rotting tooth or a gum infection can also be the source of bad breath, one must ensure they avoid such issues, which are more often than not caused by dietary failures that weaken teeth and gums. By eating a healthy diet that is full of mineral-rich produce (and shunning sugary junk foods), people can easily avoid bad breath caused by decay and infections.

Dr. Kacel also points out that bacteria spores love the inside of the mouth. They are particularly attracted to the tongue. When people brush their tongues, they remove much of the bad bacteria in their mouth that causes bad breath. The full blog post and more information about Northbrook Dentist Office can be found at the following link: Dentist Northbrook.

While all of these methods are valid ways to tackle bad breath at the source, Dr. Kacel also recommends that people take oral hygiene to the next level with professional cleanings at regular intervals. Dr. Kacel says, “While some cases of bad breath are caused by eating aromatic foods such as garlic, leeks or onions, the root cause of most cases of halitosis is bacteria. Mouthwash plays a role in general oral hygiene, but it can’t defeat bad breath on its own. You need to be proactive and take charge of your dental hygiene. However, you also need to know that, no matter how vigilant you are about oral care, you should also make it a point to treat your mouth to a deep cleaning about every six months to ensure that you are staying on top of it.”

The services provided by Northbrook Dentist Office have earned them high praise from the local community. On the Google platform, they have a perfect 5-Star rating, aggregated over 80 reviews. In a recent review, Stanley Johnson says, “I have teeth that are bonded, and the bonding is quite old. But prior to the weekend of the 4th, my two front teeth had chipped and, fortunately, I was lucky enough to find your office on the web! Everyone was so friendly and accommodating, and I was told to come in immediately! Dr. Kacel fixed my chipped teeth and did such a great job! Now I’ve made Dr. Kacel my new dentist! Thank you. I am very grateful!”

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