North Shore Wine Bar Pazzo Di Vino Tempts Locals With Wine Club Membership

Highwood, Illinois -

Wine connoisseurs residing in North Shore Chicago have a reason to celebrate because a local winery in Highwood, IL, has announced that it is offering memberships to its wine club.

Pazzo Di Vino, which translates to “crazy about wine” in Italian, is a Highwood micro-winery that is loved by locals for its delicious wines and inviting ambiance. The micro-winery has a custom menu of wines that are made completely on-site. The winery staff crushes, ferments, ages, and bottles its wine right on its premises by following the processes instituted by its founder Lorenzo DiVito. He is a first-generation Italian American who took to heart the lessons on winemaking given to him by his late father Lorenzo Sr. who used to make his wines back home in Italy by following advice that had been passed down through generations. The winery staff now uses those same recipes for crafting Pazzo Di Vino’s collection of wines. The result is an exclusive offering of wines that, as of the time of writing, can only be purchased in person at the winery.

Chicago North Shore winery

The North Shore wine bar menu includes the 8 AM Rosé from Lodi, a crisp and slightly fruity wine that comes in at $23 per bottle. It is fuller in the body than one would expect from such a bright-looking wine. The wine is made by lightly crushing whole berry Grenache grapes, minimizing skin contact. It is then fermented in stainless steel. Pazzo Di Vino’s Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley comes in at $34 per bottle and has a balanced weight and flavor that is highlighted with a rich, deep plum flavor and a medium, dry finish. The Chardonnay from Mendocino County, California is fermented in stainless steel which allows the fruit to shine. It shows citrus and mineral characteristics with a hint of stone fruit and bright acidity. It comes in at $22 per bottle. The Merlot from Alexander Valley, available for $26.00 per bottle, is loaded with rich dark berry fruit. It has soft hints of chocolate and a velvety smooth mouthfeel. The Old Vine Zinfandel from Lodi, available at $34 per bottle, has the special quality of being born from 105-year-old vines and is aged for 18 months in French Oak. The wine’s velvety texture promises a deep, rich, smooth, and juicy experience. The Pinot Noir from Santa Rita Hills is made from soft, lush berries and comes in at $30 per bottle. The wine has a balanced freshness and acidity with a teasing Burgundian finish.

Readers who find the North Shore wine bar menu exciting can become members of the Pazzo Di Vino wine club to get discounts on the wines and other perks. Pazzo di Vino offers 3 membership levels. All Pazzo membership levels include access to member-only events and 10% off Pazzo merchandise. For $24 per month, the Poco Pazzo level offers 5% off all food, beverage, and private events, 1 complimentary wine tasting per month, and 1 bottle per month. For $44 per month, the Pazzo level offers 10% off all food, beverage, and private events, 2 complimentary wine tastings per month, and 2 bottles per month. For $78 per month, the Molto Pazzo level offers 15% off all food, beverage, and private events, 4 complimentary wine tastings per month, and 4 bottles per month.

A spokesperson for Pazzo Di Vino invites local wine aficionados to enjoy its wine and food by saying, “If you live in Lake County, North Shore Chicago, Highland Park, Highwood, or surrounding suburbs, consider stopping by with friends or family for a lovely evening full of indulgence in enticing wines and scrumptious food. Along with the peaceful and cozy feeling that we have created here at Pazzo Di Vino, you will also get to enjoy live music and tasty small plates provided by Chef Dominic Zumpano of The Gallery of Lake Forest. Make a booking with us along with a list of people that you care about and make it a night to remember.”


For more information about Pazzo di Vino, contact the company here:

Pazzo di Vino
Laura Duggan
(847) 780-3448
524 Sheridan Rd
Highwood, IL 60040