North Shore Chicago Wine Bar Pazzo di Vino Is Inviting Wine Club Membership Signups

Highwood, Illinois -

North Shore wine bar Pazzo di Vino is inviting wine connoisseurs to visit its Highwood location, taste its high-quality wine offerings, and sample delicious creations from Chef Dominic Zumpano, one of the Midwest’s most exciting culinary geniuses. The micro-winery is also currently offering a wine club membership that gives members exciting perks such as discounts, special invitations to member-only events, and a select number of bottles of wine for them to enjoy every month.

Pazzo di Vino says on its website that its story began generations ago when the members of the DiVito family were working hard on perfecting their winemaking skills on the hillsides near Rome. Years later, as a child, first-generation Italian-American Lorenzo DiVito learned every little secret that his family had guarded about harvesting, crushing, and fermenting grapes. He then distilled the knowledge hidden in his family’s century-old traditions to craft his own delicious wines. He launched Pazzo di Vino with a vision to pair his family’s excellent wines with an elevated and refined dining experience.

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A spokesperson for Pazzo di Vino talks about the founder’s passion for all things wine and food by saying, “The DiVito family’s traditions come from a time when winemaking was much more than just a luxury. It was a way of life. Today, we are spoiled with countless drink options but in the yesteryears, they only had to contend with spring water to satiate their thirst. The only other drink they had to accompany their dinner conversations and time spent with friends was the wine. They meticulously fermented the pressed grapes that were painstakingly cultivated on the picturesque Italian landscape. Wine meant a lot then and families treated their recipes and winemaking methods as treasures to be passed down from generation to generation. With Pazzo di Vino, Lorenzo Vito aimed to bring to the residents of Illinois, the magic of that simpler time, captured in a bottle. Lorenzo wanted the taste of his wines to put one in the shoes of those that toiled away on the Italian hills to handpick every grape and process the harvest till they had barrels full of wine to last them the whole year. So if you live in or frequently visit Lake County, North Shore Chicago, Highland Park, Highwood, and surrounding suburbs please consider visiting and enriching your taste buds with this authentic Italian dining and wine-drinking experience. We are sure that after a few sips from our winery menu you will insist on signing up for our wine club membership.”

The Pazzo di Vino wine club membership offers 3 membership levels - Poco Pazzo, Pazzo, and Molto Pazzo - each giving members access to special member-only events as well as additional perks. As of the time of writing, the three levels cost $24, $44, and $78 per month respectively.

In terms of discounts and benefits, each membership level gives members 10% off all merchandise which includes the winery’s world-class wine menu. Members can enjoy a hefty 10% discount on the current Pazzo di Vino releases which include the 8 am Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Old Vine Zinfandel, and Pinot Noir.

Members are also eligible for a certain percentage off all food, beverage, and private events. The Poco Pazzo level gives members a 5% discount, the Pazzo level gives members a 10% discount, and the Molto Pazzo level gives members a 15% discount. Members will be able to save money as they enjoy their time in its expansive outdoor patio, rustic Tasting Room, artistic Gallery Room, or cozy Hearth Room.

Wine club members are also invited to wine tastings every month with 1, 2, and 4 complimentary wine tastings for members at the aforementioned tiers. Wine club members also get 1, 2, and 4 bottles respectively every month that they can pick up in person from the winery’s location in Highwood.

For more details on the restaurant and winery’s wine club membership, reservations, and menu, readers can contact Pazzo di Vino at (847) 780-3448 or Wine and food enthusiasts can also visit the North shore wine bar and micro-winery at 524 Sheridan Rd., Highwood, IL 60040.


For more information about Pazzo di Vino, contact the company here:

Pazzo di Vino
Laura Duggan
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524 Sheridan Rd
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