North Shore Chicago Micro-Winery Offers Wine Club Membership

Highwood, Illinois -

Pazzo di Vino, a micro-winery in Highwood, Illinois, is announcing that memberships are open for their Wine Club, a membership program that offers residents of Lake County, North Shore Chicago, Highland Park, Highwood, and the surrounding suburbs a monthly supply of wine and tastings, as well as discounts on merchandise and events. Wine club members also receive invitations to exclusive members only events at the winery.

The wine club subscription is available at three levels: Poco Pazzo, Pazzo, and Molto Pazzo, which differ in the number of bottles of wine and complimentary wine tastings members get per month. Poco Pazzo, or “Little Crazy”, offers one bottle of wine and one wine tasting for $24 each month, in addition to discounts and invitations to private events. The Pazzo level comes with two bottles of wine and two wine tastings per month, for $44, and the Molto Pazzo, or “Very Crazy” Wine Club membership level costs $78 per month and includes 4 bottles of wine and 4 wine tastings each month, along with the discounts and invitations to members only events. Anyone interested in joining the wine club can sign up online or contact the winery for more information.

Highwood wine bar

Pazzo di Vino winery hosts many events in their wine bar that are open to the public, including live music, comedy shows, and more. In February, they’re hosting acoustic musicians Cover Story Duo and Bill Uhler, to give a couple examples of performances that might come to their stage. The space is also available for private rentals, for anyone looking for a space to host a party or event. Anyone of legal drinking age is also welcome to visit the winery for a wine tasting, which is a different experience than they might have in a typical restaurant or bar. This is because Pazzo di Vino is a fully functioning micro-winery, which crushes grapes and then ferments and bottles their wines on site. As such, Pazzo di Vino offers a unique selection of their own wines for visitors to taste and drink along with live music and small, tasty food items, curated by Chef Dominic Zumpano from The Gallery of Lake Forest. Guests to the wine bar can enjoy the food and drink on their gorgeous outdoor patio, in the Tasting Room, Gallery Room, or the cozy Hearth Room, all perfect places for sipping excellent wines.

The winery traces its history all the way back to the countryside outside of Rome, at a time when all there was to drink was water from a nearby spring, and wine. Generation after generation of the DiVito family worked fields of grape vines to make the wine they’d drink for the next year. In the late 1950s, when Lorenzo DiVito moved to America with his family, he continued the tradition of wine making in America as his family had been doing for generations in Italy. The family would seek out the finest grapes from the pop-up wine grape markets serving mostly Italians around the city of Chicago, and then have a big party for “the crush” - the process of crushing the grapes into juice, which, traditionally, was done by foot in large vats on the floor. Once the grapes had been fully crushed, the resulting juice and grape mash would be left to ferment, after which the mush would be scooped out and the wine poured into barrels to rest until it was ready to drink. After year of sharing this process with friends and family, Lorenzo DiVito was inspired to open Pazzo di Vino, to continue making excellent wines, and to share his great wines with even more people, which is his greatest joy.

Readers who want to find out more about Pazzo di Vino and their delicious wines are welcome to contact the winery or visit their website. Readers can also follow Pazzo di Vino on Instagram, where they can get more information about events and other happenings, which can be found here:


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