North Miami Pest Control Keeps Growing

North Miami Pest Control has provided Miami-Dade County with reliable pest control service for some thirty years now. The company has helped thousands of homeowners and business owners over the years and have earned a lot of great reviews. Their services are known to be reliable and affordable. They have a team of professional exterminators who are all specially trained for each species of pest in the area. This ensures that every exterminator knows the best way of getting rid of any pest problem out there.

Pest infestations have been on the rise lately due to pests adapting to everyday treatments like diy methods and over the counter products. Due to this North Miami Pest Control has been extremely busy with new pest control calls. The company is happy to be able to help so many people with their pest problems and are always looking for ways to grow their service area and help as many people as possible. Recently, the company revealed that they are planning to merge with another unnamed pest control company in the area. The contract states that the unnamed company will refer their current routine checkup customers to North Miami Pest Control as well as giving them new pest control equipment.

The president of North Miami Pest Control spoke in a meeting saying, “This merger is going to boost the company’s growth. It will allow us to help more people than we ever have before. We will be able to employ a bigger team than ever before possible. And we will be able to grow our service faster than any other company in the area. We are so happy that we have the chance to go through with this merger because it is going to help the community be more pest free than ever before.

Pests are beginning to spread faster and faster every year. People should never hesitate to contact professionals if they have a pest infestation in their home or business. Usually when people notice a pest in their house, there are hundreds or thousands hidden nearby. Victims of pest control services should contact North Miami Pest Control for help. They offer custom treatments, routine checkups, and emergency services. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at Their hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. They are closed on Sunday.

An employee of the company recently said, “Never underestimate pests. They spread quickly so if you see one, make sure there isn’t more. Call us if you ever need any help, we would be happy to come out and get rid of any pest problem you might have.


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