Nordiska Blombud Shares Insight On Flower Trends

Stockholm, Sweden based Nordiska Blombud is sharing a number of surprising facts on flowers with their community. Among these facts include the situations in which people are most likely to buy flowers for their partner, which holidays tend to see the most flowers being gifted and more.

“Giving a loved one flowers is a time-honoured act,” the company observes, “and we at Nordiska Blombud are immensely proud to help people send flowers to partners and family around the world on short notice. In all our time helping flowers get delivered to the right destinations, we have noticed certain trends crop up among our customers. Notably, we have also had similar reports from stores where customers buy flowers locally, and we encourage them to chime in if they have anything to add to the conversation.”

To begin with, the company says there are certain types of occasions and holidays on which people are more likely to buy flowers as a gift. While many may be willing to wager that the top spot belongs to Valentine’s Day, it actually slots into second place at 14% of the company’s orders, coming behind birthdays at 15%. The company says there is no single birthday that seems to get flowers more than others, but it may be that many are slightly more willing to show affection with flowers on dates that are personally important to the person in question. Valentine’s Day is followed by Mother’s Day (13%), a new baby (13%), Christmas (9%), anniversaries (8%) and assorted occasions (28%). Nordiska Blombud expects that stores that deal in chocolates and other types of gifts might have different results to share in these categories.

Perhaps few will expect the company’s other findings: people are more likely to buy flowers on certain days of the week than others. Again, some might guess that the weekend would take the top spot, but this is not the case. Tuesday and Thursday actually tie for the top spot with 18% apiece, closely followed by Monday and Wednesday at 16% each. The days people are least likely to buy flowers on are Saturday (8%) and Sunday (10%), and the company speculates that this may have more to do with people staying home (and flower shops staying closed) than any particular urge to avoid buying flowers on Saturdays. It may be that people remember to buy flowers on the weekend but only have an opportunity to act on this plan on their way home from work or other convenient times.

Of course, all of Nordiska Blombud’s customers can simply use their online service to place an order no matter what time or day of the week it is, so this may also indicate that many like to wait until specific flower shops are open to place their order. The company delivers flowers to more than 100 countries all over the world, and their partnerships ensure that customers have a nearly unlimited range to choose from. As such, they can always prioritise flower shops that they are comfortable with or find to be highly reputable (and worth the wait or investment).

On this note, the company shares that they also noticed a trend in the types of bouquets that their customers like to order. Of the five distinct varieties that made the list, the top three each command a sizable amount of customers’ attention. The three varieties are Gerberas, Lilium and Roses, with a share of 30%, 29% and 28%, respectively. Trailing far behind these bouquets are Orchids (3%) and Plats (2%). While the remaining varieties are too small to be statistically significant, they cumulatively represent 8% of the company’s orders.

Nordiska Blombud remarks that two lessons can be learned from this. One, Gerberas, Lilium and Roses would not be so popular if they were not also so beloved, and customers consistently prefer these bouquets because they tend to have the desired effect as gifts. On the other hand, this is no reason to dismiss other bouquets. Many people prefer to have more exotic or unknown arrangements, and this could present an opportunity for a shopper to demonstrate how well they know their partner by selecting a bouquet that is less well known but still lives up to their partner’s tastes.

Ultimately, the company says that their team remains ready to help anyone send flowers to recipients in other countries, and they respect and support the customer’s right to choose exactly what they think is best. Those interested may use the company’s website to pick the flowers they want and designate an address to have them delivered.


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