NJDDC Releases New Expert-Led Guide On Improving Mental Health In Times Of Pandemic

March 2022: NJDDC releases a new article that discusses how to improve one's mental health in times of pandemic. The report, published on NJDDC’s website, was compiled using expert opinions on the topic. The report was released amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Readers can find the full report here.

Despite the broader effects of the pandemic on human existence and the global economy, other concerns such as mental health cannot be ignored. Mental health issues have recorded an all-time high in the years since the initial outbreak of the pandemic. The restrictions that governments are imposing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus can take a toll on anyone. The publication analyzes what practices can effectively improve mental health amidst this crisis. The experts in the report explained how people could combat mental health problems during the uncertainty brought by the pandemic.

For the report, mental health experts were consulted for their professional views on improving mental health. NJDDC’s team of experts oversaw the final compilation and review of the report. The experts interviewed for this article discussed overcoming stress and anxiety. The reports found several effective strategies that anyone can implement in daily life to care for their mental wellness.

Since its inception, NJDDC has provided information, advice, research, and analyses for helping people on various issues of life and in creating awareness. The report was published as part of their regular research on health and wellness for their readers. For more information on health and wellness, readers can visit their page; https://www.njddc.org/health-wellness/.

“This report explores the mental health issues due to the pandemic to help people overcome their anxieties. Our report is backed by expert analysis of what practices can effectively improve our mental health amidst this crisis,” said Victor Traylor, the Founder of NJDDC. He believes that in order to create a prosperous society characterized by understanding and empathy, the public must be well-informed about all aspects of life, as well as different cultures and societies.

To help create awareness, NJDDC offers analysis and advice on human-interest stories. It also discusses various aspects and issues of relationships, parenting, and well-being through discussions and expert analysis.

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