Nj Center For Cool Sculpting Chin Treatment Proven Effective For Getting Rid Of Double Chin

The NJ Center for CoolSculpting has announced that a lot of its clients have found long-lasting results using its CoolSculpting treatment for the submental (under the chin) area. The center is encouraging people who have unwanted or "stubborn" fat in targeted areas such as the chin, the arms, or the belly, to consult with them to find out if they are a good candidate for the procedure.
CoolSculpting is a relatively new non-surgical procedure, introduced in 2010, that works by freezing unwanted fat cells and eliminating them. The fat cells are frozen and shrunk with no possibilities of fat transfer. The procedure is a pain-free alternative to liposuction. It has been FDA-cleared for the reduction of visible fat bulges in the submental and other parts of the body too. The procedure is also a part of the Mommy Makeover procedure, which helps women get their body back after giving birth.

CoolSculpting provides proven results for the double chin in both men and women. Along with the double chin, fat cells in any other area that is targeted will also reduce. The center claims that it takes a few days to notice a difference while the full effects are visible in about two to three months. They also note that depending on the severity of your double chin, meaning the amount of excess skin left behind, some patients might need to consider a skin lift, as well. The center recommends multiple CoolSculpting treatments before undergoing drastic invasive surgery. There are a few side effects of the procedure but they are very minimal. The most common include slight bruising, swelling, redness, tingling, tugging, aching, and pinching, along with sensitivity to the skin. However, the website claims that side effects will only last a few days before subsiding.

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Dr. Hardik Soni, medical director of NJ Center for CoolSculpting in Summit, NJ, says, “When you come to us, you are going to experience two things. First, you are going to experience service and commitment that is unparalleled. Our primary goal is to educate our clients and give you options as to the best service that’s available to you. Secondly, there are no pressure tactics. We want you to feel comfortable. We want you to come into our establishment and know that the most important thing to us is that you are completely satisfied. Come in for a complimentary consultation. I’m confident that you are going to be quite happy that you made the choice to come here.” The center has an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 37 reviews on their GMB Listing.

The center’s website highlights the difference between CoolSculpting and Kybella, the latter of which is also a noninvasive approach to reducing fat around the chin. Unlike CoolSculpting, which freezes fat cells from the outside of the skin, Kybella is an injectable substance. In both techniques, dead fat cells eventually get eliminated from the body via the liver and stools. Both the techniques are FDA approved. However, the center recommends CoolSculpting rather than Kybella for two reasons. Firstly, The FDA recently approved a new applicator called CoolMini which is perfect for the submental area. Secondly, as the CoolSculpting procedure does not involve needles, a lot of customers prefer it compared to the Kybella injection.

The center’s website answers all the common questions associated with the procedure such as treatment times, eligibility, comparisons to Liposuction, SculptSure, and Zerona, cost, safety, and effectiveness in an easy to digest FAQ format. The website goes into specific details of the procedure for each target area. The website has plenty of videos and before and after pictures that showcase successful procedures.

The New Jersey Center for CoolSculpting is a division of NJ Center for CoolSculpting in Summit, New Jersey. Its staff consists of board-certified doctors, certified aestheticians, and licensed physician assistants that the center claims are collectively regarded as national leaders in body contouring. The center performs hundreds of body contouring sessions each month. Interested customers can find more details regarding the center and its operations on their GMB Website.


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