NJ and NYC Estate Lawyer Matus Law Group Examines Setting Up Estate Plan In New Episode of Pop Culture & Law Podcast

New York City, August 4, 2021 - The second episode of the recently launched Pop Culture & Law Podcast by Matus Law Group discusses the pros and cons of setting up a comprehensive Estate Plan and failing to do so. The conversational podcast between two NJ and NYC estate planning attorneys Christine Matus and Kristine Carranceja-Gurski explore the legal aspects of the pop culture scene via a discussion of movies, TV shows, books, and real-life legal cases.

In the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly episode of the podcast, Christine and Kristine stay true to the Matus Law Group's mission of helping families protect the future of their loved ones and examine several estate planning cases.

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The hosts discuss the 2011 Oscar-winning movie The Descendants, starring George Clooney as a trustee of a very wealthy Hawaiian estate who goes through a family drama, fighting off greedy family members and dealing with his wife's inevitable death.

On the "ugly" side, the two estate planning attorneys talk about Tony Hsieh, the former CEO of the million-dollar online shoe and clothing company Zappos who unexpectedly passed away last year.

Instead of working with a lawyer on his estate planning documents like his will, Tony decided to write it all down on post-it notes. After his death, the notes were found scattered around his mansion leaving his family with the burden of sorting out which notes were legally binding, which weren't, and how to protect Tony's life’s work.

"One of the messages is that you need to plan, especially as you are building wealth," said Christine Matus. "But I don't want the listeners to be confused and think: look, I don't have that wealth, so I don't have to do the plan. I think it's so important to emphasize that with or without a very high net worth, the message is clear: please, get your plan in order."

"That's something that we are always happy to talk about with everybody, just to see what would happen if we did not do a plan. And understand why it's important to do one. Because certain things have to be in place, God forbid, something happens to you," said Kristine Carranceja-Gurski.

In the podcast, the hosts bring together their experience as trusted estate planning lawyers dedicated to helping families plan their estate and care for loved ones.

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