Newport Beach, CA Rhinoplasty Doctor Popularizing Piezosurgery for Nose Reshaping

A reputable Newport Beach, California plastic surgeon, Dr. Aaron Kosins, is a pioneer when it comes to perfecting Piezosurgery to help reshape the nose. It is just one of the many cutting-edge techniques that this well-known Rhinoplasty doctor has popularized because they not only change the appearance of a patient’s nose but also can transform how they perceive their looks as a result. Along with his partner, Dr. Daniel, their advanced treatment center in Newport Beach combines the expertise of two of the most respected and experienced minds in the field of Rhinoplasty.

Dr. Kosins says, “Piezosurgery is a revolution in rhinoplasty. There is no better way to say it. For several years now I have been using Piezosurgery in all of my rhinoplasties, and the results for my patients has been outstanding. Popularized by myself, and my French counterpart, Dr. Olivier Gerbault, Piezosurgery is the most disruptive technology to happen to rhinoplasty in over 20 years. Our experience has been published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and I have presented my experience over the last few years at the annual meetings for The Rhinoplasty Society in Montreal (2015) and Las Vegas (2016), The World Rhinoplasty Meeting in Versailles (2016), the 5th Open Bergamo Rhinoplasty Meeting in Italy (2016), and IMCAS in Paris (2017).”

According to Dr. Kosins, the biggest reason that people do not seek help from them at The Rhinoplasty Center when they are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose is fear. Many believe that in order for their nose to look better it must be broken to make reshaping possible. Dr. Kosins stated that this is entirely false and Piezosurgery is a big reason for that. Piezoelectric Bone Surgery when used in the nose area uses vibrations to reshape bone tissue. When he performs this technique, he says that he is able to adjust the frequency of the tools used so that they reshape mineralized bone structure but do not impact the other soft tissues in the area. Because it’s a minimally invasive plastic surgery technique, this is intended to speed healing time and has the ability to leave the patient with little or no discomfort. He went on to say that all of this is possible because of the accuracy and precision of the technology. That’s why this a such a good technique for reshaping the asymmetries and irregularities that people often do not like about their noses. Dr. Kosins added that because of the success he has had using Piezosurgery, people have come to him from all over the USA and the world to have this nose plastic surgery method done on them. Other advanced treatments that are performed at The Rhinoplasty Center include Primary Rhinoplasty, Secondary Rhinoplasty, Ethnic Rhinoplasty, And Persian/Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty.

The reviews on Dr. Kosins rhinoplasty services are overwhelmingly positive. Here are some excerpts taken from a lengthy 5-star review that extremely satisfied patient Kelleen Neville wrote, “If you have any hesitation about getting your nose fixed, let me tell you, just don't. Dr. Kosins is nothing short of a magician.” She also stated, “My nose is so beautiful! He far exceeded even my highest expectations. I never expected to have such a small, cute nose. I never thought that was something I could have but here I am with a new beautiful nose and an improved face overall because of it with Dr. Kosins to thank. You will not be sorry about putting your trust in his hands. I feel very comfortable saying that no matter how bad you think it is, he will far exceed your wildest expectations.” This review was taken from Dr. Kosins Google Maps Business Listing where he averages a highly commendable 4.9 out of a possible 5-stars when all the reviews there are averaged together.

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