Newport Beach Breast Augmentation Specialist Believes Teamwork is the Key to Successfully Doing this Procedure

Aaron Kosins MD is a Newport Beach, California-based board-certified plastic surgeon that offers Rhinoplasty and other types of aesthetic surgery. Among his many specialties is breast augmentation. A procedure where this renowned doctor says the key to its success is teamwork. That’s why he attentively listens to his patients' desires and then offers feedback on which part of those desires are realistic and attainable. He states that by working as a team and listening to each other, he and his patients then have the best chance of getting results that those patients are happy with.

Dr. Kosins says, “The breast augmentation surgeries that I perform are certainly not as complicated as something such as heart surgery but they are an outpatient surgery that still has to be done the right way. That’s because they will impact a person for the rest of their lives. This is the reason why I believe communication between my patients and me is the key when it comes to successful breast augmentation. By using my extensive knowledge of how to make breasts look pretty combined with my patient’s breast augmentation desires, I have had a lot of success improving my patient’s confidence in their looks.”

He went on to say that by working as a team, he can better understand his patient’s preferences as far as such things as size, incision placement, and the overall look of the breasts are concerned. This also includes determining the desired upper pole fullness, cleavage, and even the nipple positions. Then and only then can he put his experience to work and further discuss his patients' overall breast desires and how to best achieve their overall breast enhancement goals. This is why he has such a high satisfaction rate with his patients when it comes to Newport Beach breast augmentation. The doctor added that he even follows his patients' breast augmentation results indefinitely, so it’s a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Part of the reason that breast augmentation requires such a long patient commitment is that secondary breast procedures are commonplace. Especially when it comes to implant replacement which Dr. Kosins recommends to be done every 10 years. Other secondary procedures are done to correct such problems as breasts that have become too low, the loss of cleavage, deflation, asymmetry, and capsular contracture.

Dr. Kosins feels that another factor that contributes to his success when it comes to breast augmentation is that he has had the unique opportunity to work with dozens of the best minds in plastic surgery. Those experiences have combined to shape not only his unique bedside manner but also his breast augmentation surgical technique that has delivered exceptional results for his patients. He added that he is also committed to approaching each patient’s breast augmentation surgery with an individual as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Patients have also reviewed Dr. Kosins Breast augmentation procedures very favorably. Lily Rodriguez stated, “I can only say great things about Dr. Kosins and his team. I went to Dr. Kosins for breast augmentation, and I can only thank him for the amazing job he did!” Christine Koala wrote, “Fantastic plastic surgeon and expert at rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Would recommend him to anyone looking for the best Plastic Surgeon in Orange County. Five stars all the way! Also, his staff is wonderful and they make you feel like you are part of the family. Very professional.”

As was mentioned in the second review, Dr. Kosins is also a specialist when it comes to Rhinoplasty. This is a procedure that reshapes the nose without breaking it. It’s performed for both cosmetic purposes and for medical reasons such as to correct nose structural problems that are causing breathing issues. This doctor is also well-known for his body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck, buttocks, liposculpture, and fat transfer treatments. He also specializes in the application of Botox and fillers to correct mild to moderate contour issues and wrinkles. Those who are interested in learning more about breast augmentation and the other services that Dr. Aaron Kosins offers can refer to his website at


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