New York Slip and Fall Lawyer David Leigh Explains Slip and Fall Accidents

New York - Experienced New York slip and fall lawyer David S. Leigh talks about important details involved in a slip and fall accident. He says that each year in the US, over a million people are injured as a result of a fall and that damages and compensation often cost up to $13 to $14 million. He adds that although a fall may seem like a minor incident, a fall can often cause serious injury, especially if it involves older people.

Slip and fall lawyer David S. Leigh defines what a slip and fall accident is in this new article. He mentions that most of the time, a fall can be a minor accident. However, negligence is still something considered to know if someone else is responsible for the accident and it should have been avoided.

 New York Slip and Fall Lawyer

Furthermore, Mr. Leigh also explains that New York's premises liability law covers slip-and-fall accidents and that property owners may be held liable. He says that both public and private property owners have the legal responsibility of keeping their sidewalks safe for everyone who uses them. Failure to do so may be considered negligence and the responsible party could be held responsible for any injuries.

In Mr. Leigh’s new article, he also explains what premises liability is. He says that it is a law created to keep individuals safe from injury when they’re on someone else’s property and property owners are accountable for the safety of those individuals. Mr. Leigh also adds that other injuries may also be grounds for a premises claim, such as an elevator accident, unsafe building security, safety, or violation of building code violations, or other cases of owner negligence.

Aside from the aforementioned, the slip and fall lawyer talks about how one can prevent getting injured in New York. This can happen if the property owner had taken the necessary precautions, time, and effort to ensure safety for all who use their property. Another prevention method is if the owner had the resources, time, and knowledge to make the necessary changes to prevent slips or falls. Mr. Leigh says that failure to do so is negligence and the person who was hurt can claim compensation.

Mr. Leigh also explains where these slip and fall accidents usually take place. These places often include shopping centers, grocery stores, office buildings, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, parks, construction sites, and private properties.

Lastly, in this article, slip and fall attorney David S. Leigh also mentions what injuries people usually suffer when they’re on a property. These include strains and sprains, abrasions, simple and compound fractures, back and neck injuries, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries.

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