New York Civil Rights Lawyer Launches New Website and Logo

David S. Leigh, Civil Rights Lawyer, is happy to announce that he has a new website and logo, with the website designed to serve his clients and communicate his dedication to people who require the help of a civil rights attorney in New York. His law firm is focused on protecting the rights of all New York City residents, particularly those who are seeking recovery for those whose rights have been violated by law enforcement and others.

David S. Leigh himself says, “Our team of civil rights lawyers in New York diligently pursue discrimination wherever it happens, whether in the school system, the workplace, a law enforcement agency, or the prison system. In this country, under our laws, you have the right to be treated lawfully and respectfully with the same rights as every other American. We have launched our new website to make it easier for you to understand our services and to contact us.”

civil rights lawyer in New York City

He adds, “With our team in your corner, you have the skilled representation you deserve to ensure that your legal rights are not only being considered but diligently fought for. From police brutality to unfair conditions in the criminal justice system, if your rights have been violated, you deserve someone to fight for you.”

The practice areas of the law firm are police brutality and misconduct, personal injury, sexual abuse, slip and fall, wrongful death, and car accidents. David S. Leigh observes that there is once again an alarming trend of police violence and there is a nervous tension when it comes the relationship between the communities and law enforcement. It is important to note that when law enforcement officers commit misconduct, those who have been harmed have the right to file a civil lawsuit and hold them accountable. Those who have experienced police brutality are advised to get the help of an experienced civil rights lawyer like David S. Leigh.

For people who have suffered from police misconduct, David S. Leigh and his team will file lawsuits against the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the NYPD Department of Corrections for: use of excessive force during an arrest, detention, incarceration or interrogation; illegal search and seizure in a home or vehicle; assaults by police or corrections officers; racial profiling; injuries sustained at Rikers Island or at any New York State correctional facility; injuries sustained by attacks from other inmates while incarcerated; and more.

The New York City law firm of David S. Leigh is ready to handle all kinds of cases involving civil rights violations. These include claims based on violations of the: right to free speech; right to be free of unreasonable search and seizures; right to assembly and gather, even in protest; right to be free of police brutality and inappropriate use of force; right to privacy; and other rights granted by the US Constitution and state and federal laws.

Being a former prosecutor, David S. Leigh completely understands the vast resources that are available to government lawyers. Nevertheless, he and his team will work tirelessly to help clients recover from their emotional distress, physical injuries, or economic damages resulting from the inappropriate behavior of a city official, corrections officer, NYPD police officer, or any other government agent. Such cases are handled both at the federal level and state level.

David S. Leigh can practice law before the Eastern District of New York and the Southern District of New York. And in addition to their New York City civil rights practice, they can also provide representation for personal injury and wrongful death. Their experience with regards to personal injury includes cases involving: passenger vehicle accidents; construction accidents; motorcycle accidents; train and subway accidents; pedestrian accidents; dog bites; slips and falls; and bicycle accidents.

Those who are looking for a reliable civil rights lawyer can check out David S. Leigh’s website or contact them through the telephone. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, at any day of the week.


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