New York City Legal Separation Attorney Ryan Besinque Discusses the Difference Between Legal Separation And Divorce

New York City legal separation attorney Ryan Besinque ( releases a new article explaining what legal separation is and how it differs from a divorce. The lawyer mentions that during a turbulent time in a couple’s marriage, they may choose to take time away from each other. A “time-out” from the marriage may be something that will help the couple decide what is best for them and their family.

“But a physical trial separation and legal separation are very different things and can have their own consequences. Couples should weigh those consequences when considering separation to ensure that they are legally protected from any unforeseen situations,” the New York City legal separation attorney says.

New York City legal separation attorney

The lawyer explains that a legal separation is an agreement between married couples who agreed to live apart. They may also be separated informally, however, an informal separation lacks important protections for both parties and their families.

Attorney Ryan Besinque also adds that having a legal separation agreement binds both spouses to terms and conditions while they’re leaving separately. It also specifies their rights and responsibilities. A legal separation agreement may also include conditions on how the couple is going to divide their property, pay bills, and have child custody.

Additionally, attorney Besinque explains that the difference between a legal separation and a divorce is that in a separation, spouses are still married but are just living apart. Until a divorce action is taken, both spouses are considered to be legally married. In a legal separation, a couple may decide to get back together and have the legal separation agreement revoked after they submit evidence of reconciliation.

The legal separation lawyer also says, “There are many reasons that spouses choose to not be together anymore. Often, couples want to stay married for economic reasons or to continue to file joint tax returns. Some remain married for a finite period in order to become eligible for social security benefits based on their spouse’s income. Whatever the grounds they have, legal separation provides them with a framework while pursuing their own life outside the marriage.”

Lastly, attorney Ryan Besinque emphasizes how important it is to seek the guidance of an experienced legal separation attorney when a couple decides to legally separate. Having a skilled legal separation attorney may be able to help a spouse understand their rights and responsibilities in a legal separation agreement.

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