New York City Domestic Violence Divorce Lawyer Ryan Besinque Explains the Grounds for Divorce

New York City domestic violence divorce lawyer Ryan Besinque ( releases a new article that explains the grounds for divorce according to New York courts. According to statistics, domestic violence affects about a third of women and around a fourth of men. This is currently the unfortunate reality in the USA.

"Emotional abuse, including verbal threats, degrading remarks, or controlling behavior, is even more common. If you are considering filing for divorce from an abusive spouse, it is critical to get help," says the New York City domestic violence divorce lawyer.

New York City domestic violence divorce lawyer

The lawyer explains that divorcing an abusive spouse is a risky process that can create unique problems. New York courts take domestic violence seriously. It is strongly recommended that someone should seek shelter and legal protection from an abusive partner before they divorce them.

Attorney Ryan Besinque says that victims can seek shelter if they are in danger. Next, they will need to apply for a protection order. An order for protection provides legal security to the victim and helps them find a permanent resolution to their case.

The lawyer also mentions in the article that an order for protection can also be called a restraining or protective order. These can be issued by either a civil or criminal court. An order of protection can legally prohibit contact between spouses and their children. Violation of this order could lead to serious consequences.

Furthermore, attorney Besinque lists the types of domestic violence in New York. These include sexual abuse, threats, physical assaults, humiliation, and isolation as well as economic abuse. According to the lawyer, although domestic violence is most common in women, it can also happen in men.

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of seeking the guidance of a skilled domestic violence divorce lawyer. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the client ensure that all measures will be taken in order to protect them while they remove themselves from an abusive situation.

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